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French mesh rolled bun

French Braid Rolled Bun is the perfect way to spice up your French braid!

It would look good for a night out in town because of its rocker feel or as a day trip if you go to an event.

I had a similar look in this super old tutorial, Mohawk Dutch Braid: Inspired by Kate Bosworth, but with a Dutch braid instead of a French braid and much shorter hair!

Of course, I love the style and I think you will as well if you’ve mastered the French braid, which is probably the trickiest part of this whole look.

French mesh rolled bun

French mesh rolled bunFrench mesh rolled bun

Read the following steps to complete the French braid bun:

  1. Start by brushing all the hair directly back, away from the face.
  2. Next, take a piece of hair at the back of the crown and comb the hair gently to create a little volume.
  3. Smooth the teased section and comb the hair straight back.
  4. Cut off a hair piece for the French plait at the front corners.
  5. Divide the cut into three equal parts and cross the side strands across the middle.
  6. Next, cross the back piece over the middle and bring a hair piece in the strand.
  7. Now cross over the other side part over the middle and bring back hair as in step 6.
  8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 until the braid runs along the back of the head and all hair has been pulled in.
  9. Braid the hair further to a normal braid.
  10. Tight the end with a rubber band and make the braid carefully by pulling on the sides.
  11. Next, wrap the tail around the base of the French braid, just outside the middle, to create a bun.
  12. Tack the edges so they do not slip.
  13. Pull the hair loosely around the face and make sure that the upper part is proportional.
  14. To put spray with hair spray and you are ready to go!


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