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Front French braids to bread rolls

Front French braids to bread rollsFront French braids to bread rolls
I recently discovered a similar hairstyle and wanted to recreate it. I could only see one side, so I just copied it for both and threw a roll together. It’s a playful look and fun to wear every day of the week when you’re tired of your usual routine. Watch the video to see how I achieved the look, or follow the steps below.

Front French braids to bread rolls
Start by splitting your hair on the left side and braiding the hair on the right side, in a Dutch braid, to the top of your ear. Fix the braid in the right place and repeat the process on the left side. Brush the rest of your hair into a ponytail that is slightly out of center, more to the left, and twist the hair into a knot. Fix it with a selection of pins and finish the style by roughening the top and loosening the braid.

I hope you like the look! Thank you for reading!


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