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Get ready with me: Holiday Braids

Get ready with me: Holiday Braids The holidays are coming fast and I’m sure many of you will come even earlier! Today, I’m looking forward to partnering with Conair to share a fun, style-tutorial tutorial with me showing you how I style my hair from start to finish, making it a holiday party!

For this tutorial, I’m using the new InfinitiPro from Conair 3Q® Hair Dryer. This dryer is literally so amazing! It’s a professional quality dryer for a fraction of the price and made drying my hair a breeze. This is the only hair dryer you will ever need. My favorite activity besides drying my hair is that it has 3 heat settings so I can set the temperature to gently dry my hair and then set the setting to cold so I can also adjust my style with a sleek style for Everyday or a voluptuous eruption for a special event, this would be a great gift for this beauty-obsessed beast.

Get ready with me: Holiday Braids

For this tutorial I start with freshly washed hair because I prefer most of my hairstyles on clean hair. To prepare for a quick breakout, I will first apply a pump with thickening mousse to my roots. This helps to create a flexible volume so that my fine hair looks and feels thicker.

Next, I’ll apply a little blob of styling serum to calm down every frizz and tame my survivors. This also makes my hair really soft and easier to style.

When blow-drying, I prefer to blow-dry my hair and then turn my head upside down to dry the roots from below. This really helps to add extra buoyancy and volume right at the root.

As soon as my hair is about 80% dry, I like to dry it with a round brush. First, I split the hair into sections, cut off the top, and then put my brush under small sections no bigger than the brush. If I concentrate the dryer on the roots, I slowly turn the brush under the hair and then slowly stroke towards the middle of the section.

The ends dry the fastest, so I concentrate on concentrating the dryer on the roots and mid-length before quickly going over the last few ends. The titanium ceramic technology in this dryer has the drying power of a professional dryer and dries my hair very quickly with minimal damage; something I always look for in a hair dryer.

In sections, I continue to work and brush all my hair until it is completely dry. I really love to prepare my hair this way, because it is naturally curly and curly, so this blow dryer not only brings volume and momentum to my hair, but also smoothes and smoothes my natural waves, making it prepared and ready for the next step.

Get ready with me: Holiday Braids Once my hair is dry and everything is smoothed, I take my Conair 1 “curling iron and add a few curls. When I’m picking up small sections of hair, I change the direction of each curl to get a little volume and so they do not merge into a giant ringlet.

I love styling my hair with curls, so whenever I feel like it, like a Christmas party, that’s what I do to get ready.

Get ready with me: Holiday Braids

Now that the base of my style is ready, I will add some pretty braids. For this style I split my hair in the middle and then I will pick up a small disk near the part. Dividing this piece into three smaller sections, I begin a Dutch braid by crossing the right strand below the middle and then crossing the left strand below the middle.

Get ready with me: Holiday Braids Now I will combine the two back sections, so I only work with two sections. I will switch to a Dutch fishtail braid I will cross small sections from one side to the other side as I feed new sections into the braid and braid for the left ear. As soon as it reaches the top of the ear, I will bend it towards the back of my head to bring new sections to the top of the braid without bringing new hairs to the bottom.

When the braid reaches the middle of the back of my head, I make a few stitches of the braid and then fasten the end with two crossed hairpins.

Repeat the previous steps and create a second Dutch fishtail braid on the right side of the head. Then take both braids around the back of the head and lay one on top of the other and secure them with several hairpins. I used about 3 on each side and made sure they were hidden under the hair so they could not be seen. Then just remove the bobby pins from the ends of the braids and set the style with a few spray hairspray!

Get ready with me: Holiday Braids Thanks to Conair and Target for sponsoring this post!



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