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Greek hairstyle with a bandage. 80 photos.

Griechische Frisur mit einem Verband. 80 Fotos.

Greek hairstyle with a bandage. 80 photos.

The fashion for Greek dresses and hairstyles is not the first year. Such styling is easy. The hairstyle is feminine, and you can create such masterpieces for every day and for a celebration. The hairstyle is practical and beautiful. But we have to remember that the hairstyle is not the whole picture. You need a dress on the floor and a soft exquisite make-up. To create a hairstyle, you need a bandage, but not the color, but the strength and elasticity. With a weak rubber hairstyle will not work tough. Carefully dress the hair under the bandage so that it will not disintegrate after a short time. It is not necessary to water abundantly with the paint on the hairstyle: the elastic band holds it quite firmly.

Two variants of Greek hairstyles.

The bandage is bought in a specialized hairdressing salon. There are bandages, elastic bands, bandages, scarves decorated with pearls and beads, braid bands that are especially popular. You can create a hairstyle for medium hair in two ways. First, the hair is collected using a normal elastic band and then distributed neatly over the bandage. In the second, the entire hair mass curls under the rubber band under a gum. If you comb your hair and wear a bandage, you must remember that the pony underneath is not removed underneath and the bandage is covered with pony. If there is no bang, halve the hair. Comb, make bouffant on the inside of the hair. Separating the strands of hair from one part of the head, you have to carefully turn them up to the middle of the hairstyle under the rubber band. Similarly, do the second part of the hair.

You can leave the thin strands of hangers, wind and leave curlers, backing lacquer. In the second embodiment, the hair is gently disassembled by hand as for the tail. The rubber band is worn at the tail tip. Take a bandage and start to wrap her hair. When the whole mass is placed on the bandage, you have to distribute them and fix the hair with the varnish. The combed hair is divided from the crown into 4 triangles: at the back of the head, on the sides of the head, over the forehead. Secure with clips. Curve the temporal curls from the face and sprinkle with varnish. Run back to the back of the head, braid the French braid, you do not have to finish it to the end. Secure with a transparent rubber band. With invisibility and hairpin strands, curls, large and small half-rings are placed on the bandage and fixed. Treat paint. It turns out, a classic hairstyle.

Greek hairstyles with fleece.

Hair must squirm, comb a few strands on the back of the head. Put on a bandage and distribute under the streaks under the elastic band. When all strands are hidden under her, fix the hairstyle. Greek hairstyles with a bandage are the simplest and most effective types of styling. Special skills for its construction are not required. And the picture is suitable for every day and for solemn occasions. You can separate the haircut, select a few curls and apply a bandage. Wrap curls underneath and let some curly strands run down your spine. If you make greek hairstyles with bandages, you can use all the fantasies. There are no restrictions.

If the bandage is not, you can use a wide band. The ends must be loosened and the length should be at least two hair lengths. While it is believed short hair does not work with such hairstyles, stylists have created several models for those whose haircuts can hardly be described as half-length or long. The hair should be moistened with modeling tools and applied with a hair dryer and brush. This style is perfectly combined with a beautiful Greek dress for fashionistas. A bandage is carefully placed on the head, and the hairstyle is fixed with varnish. The use of pearls, pearls, decorative accessories in this version will not only make hair original, but inimitable.

When combing the hair from forehead to tip and sealing it with varnish by combing it on the crown and the top of the head, wearing a bandage will help to get a different look. Creative styling “Lyrical Chaos” will show itself when creating the effect of disheveled hair with the help of a strong fixation. The bandage is worn over the hair. The picture is modern and rather unexpected, but it looks very organic. Very elegant hairstyle looks in “Thais” style. Although she is one of the humblest versions of Greek hair, she looks very impressive. For them, in random order, it is necessary to collect the curls from the beam and to put a ribbon around the oval of the face. As an option hairstyles, upside down to fix the bezel bandage on which the hairs are wrapped, which need to be collected at the base of the neck.

The bold make-up of the Greek goddess is useless. The picture should contain no dissonant moments. The basis of the Greek style is simplicity and elegance. The hairstyle is simple in design, allows for several experiments and emphasizes the personality and the subtle artistic taste of the owner.

Greek hairstyle.

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Griechische Frisur mit einem Verband. 80 Fotos.


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