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Hair "Babette". 60 photos of fashionable styling.


Hair “Babette”. 60 photos of fashionable styling.

One of the few universal hairstyles is “Babette”. With minimal effort, thanks to her, you can look feminine, elegant and very stylish. The hairstyle gained popularity after the movie “Babette moves to war” with Brigitte Bardot in the lead role. In the present time, the hairstyles of the 60s have come back into fashion and Babette is back to the pinnacle of fashion.

How to make a classic babette.

For the construction of this hairstyle visit salon is optional. This installation can be done at home. For female babette is best long hair. Clean and hair-dry hair is collected on the crown in the tail, tied with elastic bands in two places. Comb the hair, smooth it out. Stand under the stern pulley you bought at a barber shop and fasten with rivets. Then lower the tail on it and fix it with stealth. For owners of thick hair, another way will suit. The hair is collected in a tight tail and divided into two parts. The lower one was combed and laid clean with a roller, fixing itself with pins. The upper part is combed and straightened by the iron and turns around the roll. The resulting Babette is a fixed varnish. For decoration, you can use a wide band to adjust the tone.

Bangs are desirable, but they are not a required element. Those who have a short bang can divide it into two parts, curl up each curling iron or straighten the iron. The medium-length pony stands out from the hair and is gently combed to the side, tips on the temples. In this hairstyle traditionally pony are divided into a side parting. You can make hair without pony and bouffant.

Modern hairstyle options.

Volumetric babette looks luxurious, but hair is very damaging to the hair. Therefore, this option is often not worthwhile. No need to try to comb the comb. It is better to wash your hair thoroughly with a balm, which is also important for accelerated hair growth. To achieve extra volume, clean hair dries, head down. Over the whole head a full pile is made, so that the hair stands on end. Occasionally sprinkle with a varnish with a strong grip when combing. Collect the combed hair with your hands, fix it with invisible hairpins and hairpins. The resulting beam is modern to adorn with a wide band to add elegance. Leave a few locks on the temples and twist the curling. No need to try to comb the comb. It is better to wash your hair thoroughly with a balm.

For modern options Babetty does not need a bouffant and no roll needed, which is important for maintaining healthy hair. For a clean hair, a styling agent must be applied to stiffen the hair. After collecting the entire mass on the back of the head in a tight tail, fix it with a rubber band in the hair color. To wind the hair on the palm, gently pull it out of the hair. The resulting bundle is fixed in one rotation with another rubber band. Then, after you have spread the hair, finally fix the hair with invisible or hairpins. Fix varnish. This hairstyle will not be too massive, but it is much easier to wear than the classic styling option.

For the second time, it takes very little, which is very important in eternal intoxication. Need a bubble gum, medium-sized hairpin crab to fit the hair and a small hairpin crab. The hair should retain its shape, not crumble. Very good in the styling on wet, braided hair in braids at night. A taut cock is attached under the rubber crab. This helps to not fall off the beam and to keep the hair. After you have spread the hair root in the form of Babette, fix the rest of the small crab under the middle crab. He will take the role role. You can decorate the styling with a decorative stud with rhinestones and fasten in the middle of the bar.

Babette on short and sparse hair.

They divide the horizontal line from temple to temple, combing the hair with the intersection of the crown, collecting their upper part and fixing it with an elastic band. Brush your cock and give it a maximum of pomp. Behind the pile, fix the roll, the chignon, with the needles, lay on the tail, fix and spread evenly to cover the Chignon roller. Divide the upper part of the hair directly into two parts. Comb the right half, hold the brush on top, create a smooth look, bend the ends with rivets on the underside of the hairstyle and fix. You must also trade with the left side of the hair. Strands on the temples are released. Pony can be distinguished. Strands of curl curling, curls give desired shape. Fix paint and decorate as you like.

To stay with such a haircut as Babette without regard for others is impossible. And you do not need any unusual haircuts in this case. It will allow you to look strict, factual, or romantic and even a bit bold. Everything depends on the implementation and selection of the appropriate option.

Nice hairstyles with Babette.

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