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Haarverlängerungen - Vorher und Nachher. 100 Fotos.

If the length of your own hair does not allow you to create spectacular hairstyles, weaving will help correct the situation. This process will not surprise anyone: almost all salons offer it. And the secret of popularity is that long hair gives attractiveness.

In today’s edition of our women’s magazine Raznoblog, we’ll be talking about hair extensions that are so fashionable these days. We will discuss the most famous and popular techniques today as you learn about the pros and cons of each type of building. Of course we will present to you before and after this difficult procedure a large selection of photos of our readers.

Haarverlängerungen - Vorher und Nachher. 100 Fotos.

Build professionals

Haarverlängerungen - Vorher und Nachher. 100 Fotos.

Too thin strands increase the capacity. It will give confidence and even get rid of the complexes. Building – one of the most important ways to change the image and possibly even life. New modern technologies have made it possible to get hair of any length. True, time will have to spend as much money as money. But nobody will distinguish hair extensions from their own. This is clearly visible in the photos for this article.

After the high-quality procedure, the hairstyle gets volume and looks natural. It is possible to play with color without dyeing: it is not necessary to spoil the colors with chemical ingredients, and light hair refreshes the dull tone.

Every day you can easily change the stylish hairstyles. And do not have to pick up special styling tools. Elevated locks that are perfectly accessible to traditional styling products. The owner of hair and curls can flaunt and ideally iron straight hair.

Haarverlängerungen - Vorher und Nachher. 100 Fotos.

Burning or cold deposits, as if by magic, will transform the transformation from short, relaxed strands into a long luxurious hairstyle, as in the local photos. The master will recommend methods of care, choose the appropriate means to keep the strand in perfect condition for as long as possible.

But to rush headlong into the next salon and it is unreasonable to perform the procedure with the first master who has arrived: construction requires money to invest, and only a true specialist will be burdened with the result. Yes, and a few construction techniques. Therefore, it is important to start with the selection of the technology and the choice of the Master.

Types of construction techniques

It pays to read reviews about the salon, its masters, to get to know the portfolio of a specialist, if there is such an opportunity. It is so fashionable to find out which method best suits the construction of the Master and if it is possible to contact him. Each technique has both disadvantages and advantages. It is therefore worthwhile to weigh all the arguments carefully when making the selection.

Hot techniques

The fastening methods are divided into hot and cold technology. But the curls are fixed, and in fact, in another embodiment, glue or staples (see photo). Microcapsule balls are formed at the attachment point.

Haarverlängerungen - Vorher und Nachher. 100 Fotos.

• English technology uses heated keratin. Brackets are not used.

• The Italian system uses metal clamps that have been heated in advance to a tedious temperature.

• Ultramodern technology – construction of ultrasound. The brackets melt under the influence of ultrasound.

At first glance, the English technique is the most innocuous. The metal is not implanted in the locks, there is no glue, but also the strength is not high. Extensive strands of hair are pretty easy to comb out. In terms of reliability, the Italian way is more advantageous.

The most expensive option – hot build. The hair is attached to the head with a keratin infusion (see photo). The method ensures the strongest fixation of the strand and the insensitivity of synthetic hair. The result, however, depends solely on the skill of the specialist. This technique is suitable for girls who want to change hairstyles every day.

However, if too large capsules are used, the roots of the natural strands begin to lose their weight, resulting in partial hair loss. That’s a minus, but growth takes so much time … So the minus is perhaps the most important thing.


For cold building use different techniques, some of which are shown in our photo gallery. Stick to a special tape with a nap. It is attached near the roots of glue. The method is recognized as the budget and fastest. But the option is more suitable for blond hair because of the whitish glue shadow.

Haarverlängerungen - Vorher und Nachher. 100 Fotos.

The use of metal clips similar to the color of the hair – the second option. For him, every shadow is good. Bandbau – a long-known method. Strands on a glue base, which is attached to the root area of ​​the natural hair. The effects on the hair are chemical and completely unhealthy. And if you want the “tails” and web option will not work. But the option is ideal for loose hair: tape attachment invisible. But in the rear they are perfectly visible.

And of advantages and advantages – the technology is much easier than hot construction. On departure, visits to the bathroom are not prohibited, as new strands are not afraid of high temperatures.

Afrokosichki leave without negative impact. The head hairs are braided into “spikelets” and non-native hair is sewn. You can easily remove such strands at home. But the disadvantage is that the tension is quite high and the roots lose their resistance, resulting in a loss of virgin hair.

Heat treatment is not present even when cold. Fixing strands – metal clamps. But the effect on the native hair can not be said to be useful. So you should think about which way to choose. And the type of your own hair must be considered.

Haarverlängerungen - Vorher und Nachher. 100 Fotos.

But the difficulties and possible negative consequences of fashionistas do not stop. There are advantages, and they clearly outweigh the dangers. The hairstyle will increase by half, which especially pleases the owners of thin and thin hair. It is possible to extend the hair by seventy inches and change the radical image in just a few hours.

With the help of extensions a staining without staining of the native strands is possible. And you can use strands of any color. There is a desire to extend the pony – the construction will do the job. Add hair to the back of the head or to the temples – zone extension!

Haarverlängerungen - Vorher und Nachher. 100 Fotos.

It is possible to increase the order with rhinestones, feathers, dreadlocks, braids (see photo). The procedure will hide the head injuries caused by a short haircut. An abutment will fix an unsuccessful hairstyle, as it creates a smooth transition where the difference between virgin and non-virgin hair is imperceptible.

The advantages are apparent. But the shortcomings of the procedure are obvious, though they do not always and do not seem complete. Obviously, whichever method is chosen, foreign bodies are used, from tapes and capsules to heat treatment and glue. Remove strands Add thermo or chemically negative. Thinning, becoming brittle. Then you have to opt for a short haircut. And when removing, there is a risk of losing up to half of your own strand! Was such a goal set at the beginning?

If metal clips have been used for building, then they are felt at least initially in the scalp. Yes, and a bit pleasant to feel foreign bodies in your hair. Not only are the capsules easily noticeable, and they are well-seen. We have to show a lot of skill to collect the hair in the tail so that the clips are invisible.

Haarverlängerungen - Vorher und Nachher. 100 Fotos.

After the expansion with the help of clips or metal capsules, the first week without sleep will pass: it is very uncomfortable to sleep, the head itches and dandruff appear. At the attachment points, as the strand grows, more and more visible joints are needed, a correction is required. The hair gets the appearance of individual strands and not the mass of the hair. Borders between non-native strands and their hair are too conspicuous, especially when loose strands.

Haarverlängerungen - Vorher und Nachher. 100 Fotos.

We need to be careful when visiting the pool, sauna and swimming in the sea: non-native strands get confused and badly damaged. And the “confusion” becomes a constant companion, so you need to collect many curls in the tail or in a braid for sleep.

There are contraindications to the procedure. It is strictly forbidden to build up in hair loss, loss, skin hypersensitivity. You can not grow hair with vegetative vascular dystonia during chemotherapy while you are taking strong antibiotics or hormonal drugs. Even though there are no prohibitions, removing the non-native strands risks putting a lot of time and effort into restoring the healthy look of your own hair.

hair extensions

And another important question: How to choose the strands for building? There is no point in the procedure when hair looks unnatural. But artificially and not to use: just implant human curls, similar in their structure, to make the difference imperceptible.

Haarverlängerungen - Vorher und Nachher. 100 Fotos.

Pre-strands were specially treated. And then there are no very pleasant consequences: The hair is covered with silicone and polished. The look wins, but after a few washes, the strands can change beyond recognition.

They offer European, Asian and Slavic types of strands (see photo). China and Korea are Asian countries. Hair budget, but easily confused when washing, can end and comb them very difficult.

Haarverlängerungen - Vorher und Nachher. 100 Fotos.

Not everything is clear with the Euro hair. Their quality is not too high and the “origin” could turn out to be Indian or Latin American. This option is good for owners of fairly hard and dense strands.

Optimal Slavic version. After processing, the structure remains in the closures and silicone processing is not applied. Blow dryers, a variety of styling and ironing are not contraindicated. But the cost of the procedure will be much higher, although the risk will decrease noticeably. But in any case, after the construction, special care for the hair is required.

Learn more about it in advance. In any case, you must forget frequent visits to saunas and baths: high temperatures like no accumulated strands. Even when hot-setting, the glue or keratin can melt. So it is important to use only the cold or warm mode.

How to care for hair extensions at home

Care for the hair after the procedure at home depends on the method of enlargement. However, there are rules that are common to all methods. In order to get a healthy-looking strand, vitamins of the B group are needed. Thermal effects on non-native hair is better ruled out, do not use tweezers, an iron or a hair dryer.

Haarverlängerungen - Vorher und Nachher. 100 Fotos.

Washing positions are only vertical. It is necessary to lower the head, and the hair is confused. Balm when applied to the capsules should not fall, is also a significant inconvenience. Yes, and you will have to forget about the daily washing. And the massage should be done with great care so as not to damage the attachment.

Washing Pryadok – on growth without falling forward. Recommended special shampoos for long hair. Dry and comb quickly? We have to forget it! Yes, and you must get a special brush with a natural bristle without bullets at the tips or a rare tooth comb to avoid accidentally reducing the amount of hair.

At night, it is better to braid your hair in a clean braid. If you visit baths, saunas on your head, it is desirable to wear a special hat. If you have followed all precautions when washing, moisten the curls gently with a soft cloth, without twisting it on the head so as not to confuse the hair. Dry gently, comb only dried curls.

And a correction is needed in time. Half a year is not an indicator. It is likely that the salon will have to be poisoned in two months as native strands grow. The enlarged ones are removed and again attached closer to the roots. Right, the procedure costs less.

Haarverlängerungen - Vorher und Nachher. 100 Fotos.

How do you build up?

Before the procedure, the native strands are washed and combed. One week before setting up it is recommended to drink a number of vitamins and antioxidants.

In a hot build, the master uses tweezers that are heated to a certain temperature. In the place of the adhesions, a keratin-transparent capsule forms, imperceptible in the hair. With the Italian extension and “chemistry” you can dye your hair and swim in the sea. Load your hair well.

Haarverlängerungen - Vorher und Nachher. 100 Fotos.

And they will be able to last from three months to six months. For removal, use a special gel for maceration of the capsules. Negative reviews about this method, a bit to build. But it will take up to four hours, causing discomfort during sleep and will cost a considerable amount.

The capsule capacity differs in smaller forceps and capsules. Do not use only keratin, but also wax solder. Capsules do not disturb sleep and are less noticeable.

Haarverlängerungen - Vorher und Nachher. 100 Fotos.

If the setup is cold, clips, beads, and clips are used for attachment. To improve the use of special pliers. Makes joints invisible because the master selects the clip for the sound of the native string. Miniature beads fasten five millimeters from the skin.

The result stays in the order of the month for a half or two. The adaptation does not take much time. It is possible to build short hair and even a bang. These are advantages of the technology. And the disadvantages – increased fragility, a small color palette of pearls and contraindications for migraine.

Haarverlängerungen - Vorher und Nachher. 100 Fotos.

In the tape method, adhesive tape is used for fixing. The load of the strands is evenly distributed, the bands are comfortable to touch, soft. Time will not last. And in the budget plan of procedure wins from the previous ones. It’s easy to remove the strands so the correction is easy.

But the construction takes no longer than a few months, and the bands will make the light shine noticeably. It is impossible to style hair due to the particular arrangement of the bands. We have to prepare for special care. They use Euro hair and their quality is far from ideal.

On hair clips with strands on the “crab” or invisible to build. The method is suitable for self-assembly, you can not go to the salon. And remove the strands easily. But for a long time to bring her will not work, but the hairstyle for an evening will be fine. And the choice of colors, length, quality and even the cost is pretty big.

After the procedure, you need to restore the health of your hair. It is better to do this in the cabin and supplement the oil care at home. Masters offer special scrubs, masks, mesotherapy, darsonval and hot scissors.

Haarverlängerungen - Vorher und Nachher. 100 Fotos.

In any case, before deciding on a fundamental change of image with the help of a structure, it is worth considering whether this transformation is really necessary. Finding a master is not too difficult, and getting the results you want is easy enough. But it is a task prepared in advance to find time to go through the procedure and provide funds for the procedure. And does beauty need such sacrifices when fashion is based on naturalness?

Fashionable hair extensions in the salon

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Haarverlängerungen - Vorher und Nachher. 100 Fotos.


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