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Hair "rose hair": photos and step by step instructions

Hair “Rose” – a great option for evening and everyday life. It is elegant and at the same time original, in view of the beautiful and complex styling pattern it is difficult to assume that you can do it with your own hands.

This styling can be done both in the classic version, as well as in a more complex – made of braided hair. In any case, it is suitable for owners of longer curls and quite simple in execution.

This hairstyle with a beautiful, almost filigree pattern looks good on perfectly straight or slightly wavy hair. To create it, it is not necessary to stack it beforehand, for example to curl your hair, as for the most complex styling. But watch out – absolutely. The result will not disappoint your expectations, only if the hair is docile and supple. Before styling, the curls must be washed, and in addition, means to soften or moisten the hair. For each type they have their own – balms, rinses, sprays with silicone additives, for such a styling it is important not to exaggerate them with styling – in the finished styling their presence should not be visually perceptible.

How to make a hair out of rose-shaped hair: step-by-step instructions

Step-by-step instructions for a hairstyle “Rose from the hair” you can easily create your own version of this style to create it, you need a simple set of things that are always at hand. Above all, it is an ordinary comb with frequent teeth, a dense silicone hair tie and a series of invisible hairpins and hairpins, as well as a strong holding lacquer.


The flower can be placed deep at the back of the head, asymmetrically or closer to the crown. Before deciding how to make a “rose out of the hair” hairstyle, you decide how to put this on your hair and which option is best for you. This style of hairstyling depends on the forehead and temples – if you want to add extra volume to the styling, roll the strands on the roots using large curlers. A smooth and clear contour, which is perfectly combined with a creative styling pattern, can be achieved by simply smoothing all hair from the face to the back of the head with mousse or foam.


Collect all the hair in a tight cock and secure it firmly with a rubber band. Using a hairbrush, separate a small strand from the tip of the tail and attach it lightly to the base so that the center of the flower retains the shape and gently polishes it. Then wrap around your finger and try to give the petal a volumetric and flat shape – just stretch it with your fingers and fix the petal as close to the elastic band as possible. This is best done with an invisible hairpin, in addition to stretch along the contour and secure with the help of hairpins. Studs must be wavy in the middle of the flower to make them invisible.


They have the first petal of a hairstyle in the shape of a rose, all the other petals are shaped in the same way, they begin to put them up, and move in one direction, for example in a clockwise direction. After you have laid half of the hair, place the second in exactly the same technique, but in the opposite direction – counterclockwise. Pay close attention to the size of the petals, if possible they should be the same and even.


Each petal, as well as the first one, must be fixed along the contour with the help of hairpins, which gradually gives the styling the desired shape. Rose can remain classic – with smooth and straight petals, this style looks great on very long and straight hair. And it is possible to give the styling the appearance of a “slight artistic disarray” by tearing it lightly with the fingertips.


In any case, to ensure the reliability of the installation, the center must be fixed. Unnoticed, this can be done with the help of two cross-shaped studs.

In addition, the styling can be designed to your taste, a romantic hairstyle will benefit from beautiful accessories.

See how easy and effective the classic hairstyle “Rose from the Hair” is on these photos:



How to Braid Baby Hair “Rose”

Hairstyle “Rose” for girls will fit exactly the same pattern, which is an excellent styling for a festive or solemn. But in this case, a flower from the hair is used as a decorative element, for example in combination with long and twisted curls. In a beautiful flower you can put the curls on the temples and the crown, put the flower on the back of the head, and you can make a beautiful asymmetric flower over the temple. In any case, if you want to make a childlike hairstyle “rose”, you should give up any strong fixation styling. What a child would do styling in this style are some “petals” and beautiful hairpins, for example, in the form of a pink bud in the middle.

Technology performance evening and wedding hair “Rose”

Today, this beautiful hairstyle is considered trendy for special occasions, it is perfectly combined with elegant classic dresses and avant-garde outfits. Such a hairstyle “roses from the hair” is done step by step, as described above in various variations of complexity, a beautifully laid single flower always looks stylish, but such styling can also be used in combination with more complex hair weaves.


Evening hairstyle, a rose itself looks like an ornament, but the style itself makes it possible to decorate and decorate it differently. This style is perfectly combined with dresses with an open or asymmetrical neckline. To do this, it is best to put the hair in the flower on the side and use additional accessories and jewelry. For example, decorate the center of the laying with a living flower or a beautifully decorated hair clip.

Wedding hair “Rose” – one of the best options for those brides who choose a classic or romantic image for the celebration. It fits perfectly with the dresses of the “princesses” and the clothes of the laconic styles. The way to lay down – to create the image of a delicate and beautiful flower – fits perfectly with the bride.

Laying is done in the same technique as described above, but for such a special case I can make it even more spectacular.

On middle hair, the hair “rose”

For example, add volume and complicate the design, with the overhead strands or Trassy, ​​carefully selected to match the color of your own hair, thanks to them, you can create a lush and elegant hairstyle “Rose” even on the middle hair , “Rose” in today’s fashionable evening styling is often used as an element of the decor, combined with voluminous tufts, braids, asymmetrical tails and other elegant and stylish styling, complicating and making their style solemn. The technology of making such a hairdo with a “rose” is quite complicated and the wedding version is best entrusted to a professional hairdresser.


The task of the bride to think about the best styles for herself. An elegant flower of hair can be placed on the side, balancing the asymmetrical shaping, can be the central part of the composition, and can be completely braided by the braids. Polite overall fashion on complex wrap styling, such an option should not be overlooked, especially for those who create a complex and beautiful European-style image.

Hair in the form of “roses” of long hair braids

A really nice hairdo “Rose” of pigtails can only be made on pretty long hair, but in the case of medium length tresses you can use overhead tresses. First, you have to decide where to place your flower – you can do it anywhere, both classic and asymmetrical options look good. And nobody forbids you to braid several colors of different sizes, especially if the length of the hair allows it. To create such a styling, no additional styling is needed, the usual comb for hair comb, hairpins and some lacquer strong fixation to fix the result.


Such a hairstyle for long hair in the form of a rose requires no preparatory preparation, but to carefully comb the curls along the entire length. Then divide it into a crown or take it off the face with a single “wave”, comb it to the back of the head, divide it into two absolutely equal strands and place them as close together as possible. Braid each strand into a braid – the usual three-row or French – and try to give the braid its maximum fluffy and flat shape, and never pull it too tight. Join the base of the braids with each other, it can be done with a rubber band or hairpins. And start weaving a flower, as in the traditional version, alternating with each of the pigtails for the petals.


Braid hairstyle “Rose” can be from a part of the hair and from the entire set of curls. To do this, just enough to put the hair in the braids under the first flower and repeat the weaving. Such styling looks great on very long or completed curly curls. Flowers can be arranged horizontally. In any case, it is necessary to fix the petals of such flowers every time they are turned with the help of hairpins, giving them a flat and volumetric shape simply by pointing them with their fingertips.

The ends of the braids must be hidden in the installation, and the center of the flower must be additionally attached by means of studs crosswise and the entire installation is painted with a strong fixation.

This hairstyle is beautifully decorated to accentuate her style, choose hair accessories with flowers or inlaid with large crystals.


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