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Hair Spiration

Hair Spiration

Since my house is still a disaster, I am currently working on ideas for future tutorials. I’m really thinking about making a Victoria Secret Curls look and I would like to master a fishtail “French” braid style.

On another note, I noticed this morning that my hair is really red. Like a deep reddish brown since trying to ombre it last week. The box said dark blonde, but can you really trust Box Dye Kits?

Hair Spiration

Lately, I really longed to sew. I found the blog MADE and I’m pretty obsessed with how many things this woman can sew. Normally I do not sew, but I think it would be fun to get a little smarter. I think I would have to buy a sewing machine first. [Image sources: 1: emagister / 2: pinterest / 3: bride bee / 4: shesitspretty / 5: luckypony]



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