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Haircut Cascade. 70 photos and videos.

Haarschnitt Kaskade. 70 Fotos und Videos.

Haircut Cascade. 70 photos and videos.

Haircut Cascade, which appeared in the late 70s – early 80s of the last century, and today is one of the most popular and popular among the beautiful half of humanity. Above all, his great versatility is such an interest. This haircut can be done on both long and medium hair. It looks good on hair of any strength.

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The main feature of the cascade is reflected in its name: The length of the hair changes gently from shorter strands in the upper part of the head to the longest in the lower part. It should be noted that the intensity of the cascade stages may vary in a haircut: The transitional levels may start from the top of the head (top) and reach the peaks and may be limited to the bottom, with few soft transitions and virtually no interference the total length of the hair arise. You can often hear how the haircut cascade is also called “ladder”, because in the facial area, the hair is cut in steps. Such a “ladder” in a person may also differ in length, be less or denser.

The benefits of the cascade include a wide variety of styles of this haircut, which allows you to correct any deficiencies in appearance or successfully highlight the benefits available. The cascade of strength makes the sparse or tonic hair voluminous and thicker, and unruly and thick “tame” by removing all unnecessary. Haircut for Long Hair Cascade looks luxurious, so its owner can give her curls different length and density, but always look well-groomed and alive. You can get an amazing, amazing, fluffy hairstyle by rolling your hair along the entire length on large curlers. And you can only twist the tips of the curls and then the effect will be completely different.

Long cascades literally bring long hair to life and create new rays in the rays of light that make it more mobile. Haircut Cascade opens up a wide horizons for experimenting with pony, allowing you to choose the optimal option for a particular type of person. For example, a ladder is perfect as a haircut for a round face. Especially in chubby women, stylists recommend very straight angled pony, and ladies with an elongated oval face should balance the image with the help of a medium cascade with a thick, straight bangs. With the hair cascade you can constantly experiment, changing the principle of styling every time. Short hairstyles can be designed differently depending on the type of face.

For example, a solid chin successfully covers the strands which are lightly bound inside, and a narrow face can be visually expanded by means of curls bound in the opposite direction. The following styling option with a haircut cascade is very popular: we turn the hair around the face inwards and the long lower strands – outwards. A short cascade works well for women with sparse and thin hair. And adding calories or highlighting will further refine your hair and add volume. A photo cascade is a variety of options that can change your style and lifestyle.

The cascade on middle hair, among other things, gives the hair extra volume and does not limit the ability to create other and amazing hairstyles. Laying this haircut can also be different. This season, for example, it is fashionable to pull out the hair with the help of a special “ironing” and to give the contours of the hairstyle a strict clarity and clarity. To create this type of haircut, a special technique is used in which the hair is cut off strictly at right angles. And with the help of curlers, you can create curls of mid-strand strands, giving you an unusually romantic image. This season’s haircut cascade is more important than ever!

A large selection of fashionistas and fashionistas around the world choose for themselves only a graduated haircut. Because the cascade makes the hair voluminous, corrects the face shape and gives a modern, stylish look, and thanks to the modern haircut techniques and styling, a hairstyle in the form of a cascade can look different in each case. And what woman does not dream of looking breathtaking and changing her image depending on the situation!

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Haarschnitt Kaskade. 70 Fotos und Videos.


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