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Haircuts for a round face. 60 photos.

Haarschnitte für ein rundes Gesicht. 60 Fotos.

Haircuts for a round face. 60 photos.

The round shape of a face is such a shape of a face that has the smooth contours of a contour. In this form, its width is approximately equal to the length, the outlines of its contours are rather smooth. The round face is quite common among women. Chubby girls have no reason to worry about choosing their style, because they are the most fashionable modern haircuts and styling. To underline all the benefits, as well as hide the existing drawbacks (to get around them and eliminate the problem on the vine), it will be sufficient to inform you about the main rules that should be considered when choosing your haircut.

The easiest way to determine the type of your session method is to look at it in front of a mirror. All that needs to be done is to draw a mirror image with a pencil. If, as a result of such manipulations, you get a shape that resembles a circle, then you are the owner of a round face type, and our recommendations will be very useful to you. Attention to the facial features can both attract and conceal the excess. This can be done not only with the help of length, but also with the style and color of the hair. Women with a full and rounded face shape have a variety of options to visually extend the face shape and make it more attractive. The main task in this matter is to make the face as profitable as possible, so there are still a number of those that need to be avoided, along with a large selection of suitable haircuts.

At the height of fashion, as before, the symmetry remains. Symmetrical haircuts look good on chubby girls. But the indisputable rule of cutting for a complete face, regardless of the length of the hair – is pomp. In addition, some strands should cover her cheeks, lie down gently and balance the entire face shape. From long haircuts, a long bob haircut is perfect. The haircut “Bob” is considered dangerous for a round face. But, if you follow some rules, then this version of hairstyles is valid in this form of face. Hide the abundance of cheeks will help “bob” length slightly below the chin. But the hair should only be straight. If the girl has curly hair, a special iron turns her curls into even strands.

Shoulder-length haircuts with sharp-edged layers are an excellent intermediate option for any round face. Among other things, a medium-length haircut is much easier to lay and tends to pull the facial contour. It should be noted that the waviness or directness of the hair is not important here, and this image has no age restrictions. Romantic curvy curls can no less effectively smooth the roundness of the face shape and bring it to the ideal shape – the oval – as close as possible. You can recommend cascading, multi-layered haircuts to the jawline . The key feature of a multi-layered hairstyle is its unique ability not only to balance facial features, but also to focus on the chin, which is usually narrow in the overwhelming majority of round-faced women.

Curly chubby girls should remember that such hair can give their face even more fullness. Therefore, such a lady recommends cutting layers. And do not forget that the round face looks good in the context of long curly hair, rather than in combination with short haircuts. Also you should not disconnect directly, a very noticeable asymmetry and of course curls. If you really can not wait to get curls, then you should just make pretty big curls. Glamorous high-hair – the perfect effective way to stretch the oval of your face, and pony combed on the side, will help him to become a little slimmer. When I stop pony for a round face, I would like to point out that here too a special, careful approach is needed. The correctness of the choice depends directly on how the whole picture will look like. Chubby girls can recommend short pony to the middle of the forehead, but on the condition that the hair covers the ears.

Perfect for a long and lightly shaped bang, when laying it you should not use too many special tools to make it a curtain. A soft falling pony with light feathers on the tips is a good choice. Photo haircuts, the most appropriate round face type, you can always see the master who will create your hair. So you can clearly see the intended version of the future haircut. Only through experimentation can you find your unique, eye-catching style. The main thing to think about the main rules that we have discussed with you. And nothing and nobody will stop you from being beautiful! Every woman deserves it!

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Haarschnitte für ein rundes Gesicht. 60 Fotos.


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