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Haircuts for medium hair 2015. 120 photos of fashionable haircuts.

Haarschnitte für mittlere Haare 2015. 120 Fotos von modischen Haarschnitten.

Haircuts for medium hair 2015. 120 photos of fashionable haircuts.

A modern woman is a successful business woman, beloved wife, caring mother and devoted friend. In modern life rhythms, it is important to remain irresistible in all situations without wasting extra effort. And the average hair length allows to solve this problem while simplifying the care for such hair. The 2015 season will not force fashionistas to choose extravagant and complex haircuts to create a bright and memorable haircut that requires precious time and a great deal of styling tools. The main trend of the fashion season is slight negligence, naturalness and simplicity. In today’s edition you will see a large number of photos of different haircuts for every taste.

What hairstyles will be in the coming season – 2015?

An open brow is one of the main trends. Just comb your hair and separate it with a varnish or gel. The result can be stylish and stylish, even on the basis of the most common haircut. The hair will be relevant to cover the face and comb the ears. Careless styling is another trend for 2015 hairstyles. It is completely expressed in a slightly shocking grunge style, which peaked in popularity in the 1990s. A courageous and rebellious image, not the same as the other, the selection of the total mass – do not need to be afraid.

The choice of medium hair length is a universal solution for a businesswoman, housewife and fashionistas who follow the current trends in the hairdressing world. Elegance, femininity, beauty and versatility, visual correction of the face shape and features of the figure – all this is solved with the help of women’s haircuts. In 2015 Cascading offers haircuts. Universal hairstyle goes to all ladies without exception. For those beautiful half, whose hair is weakened or very thin, this hairstyle is a real lifeline. And you can shade a hairstyle by highlighting light or dark shades or choosing caramel, chestnuts and black hair tones.

One of the varieties of cascading hairstyles can be called a stepped square that will not give up the leading positions in the coming season. The silhouette of the haircut is as close as possible to the classic square, and the hairstyle made by the owner’s professionals does not require much effort in styling and easily assumes the desired shape. And the lady with this hairstyle looks gentle and feminine. Asymmetric haircuts based on Bob and Bob for medium hair length will be very relevant in the new season. The contours of hairstyles can be a little “jagged” or deliberately clear. Do not forget that the main factors for choosing a haircut are facial features and its shape.

The versatility of the mid-length allows you to create sleek styling without wasting time while staying practical. Because they do not lose their relevance while, in the opinion of women, they are the most popular. Stylish haircuts 2015 underline the attractiveness of the owners, complementing the gentle images of caring mothers. Such hairstyles, as in the photo, are universal and flatten many of the flaws of the face. The average hair length is the length from the chin to the shoulder line and slightly lower. There are many types of bean, square, cascades and ladders, so choosing the best option for yourself is not difficult for modern women.

Bob and Bob

The difference is a haircut – in the presence of pony. Kare implies her presence, Bob – on the contrary, absence. Both are increasingly referred to as Kare Bob lately. Popular haircuts that repeat the zygomatic lines, ie square and bob with elongated front closures remain popular. Classic car, smooth, with thick and smooth bangs, will not go out of fashion. The hairstyle that is done without a degree will go very much to women with a big forehead and thick hair. The length of the pony is at least in the middle of the forehead, and in the optimal variant it can even close the eyebrows. If you need to adjust the rough line of the cheekbones, a broad face, a too short neck, or full cheeks, then choosing the foursome is best.

For those ladies who prefer to style their hair often, a shaggy haircut is a good choice. It will help to create a naughty and more original image, as well as reduce the age of mature women. In hair cuts for medium-length hair, bangs are straight, slanted, short, torn, arched, and graduated. The latter is appropriately chubby, oval face combined with all options, especially well torn. Oblique bangs are chosen by the ladies who want to visually correct the lower part of the face, ie the cheekbones and the chin. Side Pony – the choice of a lady with wavy hair and a straight line can only be made by those whose hair comes directly from nature. To create the effect of diminishing age, a short bang is recommended.

Cascades and ladders.

Cascade emphasizes all the benefits of a person and masks their mistakes. Haircut hairstyle makes you neat and gives you a healthy look. The name “Cascade” is given to the hairstyle for hair transitions from short to long. The installation of such hair cuts needs no time and the hairstyle itself is universal. Cascading haircuts are shown for thin hair owners as they help to get extra volume. The usual, double, graduated cascades and pony will continue to be popular for the 2015 season.

In double cascades, the master cuts the hair separately in layers, which leads to a layering. The level-clipping process is carried out over the entire head, whereby the crown is not excluded. The hairstyle provides volume and makes the hair soft and thick, even quite fluid. But it is important to remember that excessively shortened hair at the top of the head will make all efforts “no”: you will get hair that randomly sticks out in all directions with a thin layer of soil. It is not necessary to cut short hairs near the face. In the back of the head, the short hair should not be short, so that the styling needs no extra time. There should be no tangible and visible difference between the upper and lower layers.

The ends of the hair in the graduated cascades overlap each other (see photos from our catalog), whereby the length increases in separate areas. A similar option is shown for all hair types, regardless of the presence or absence of pony. However, grading thin, loose hair can sometimes cause injury to the ends. The hairstyle adds lightness to heavy hair, making it comfortable to style for a beautiful face. The jigsaw cascade is a multi-level cascade. Haircut at different intervals and thick, but over the entire length. Haircut looks good, but it is more complicated to care for, as it is harder to style hair. The chaotic structure hides the blemishes of the face: a well chosen length optically reduces nose and chin. Even the same cascades should be chosen by those who prefer extravagant and original pictures. But to grow a similar hairstyle is difficult.

Slanted and straight pony.

Pony in cascade cut can be arbitrary: straight, graded or oblique. For a correct definition of the type, it is important to remember that thick and long bangs are good for narrow faces, with a high brow the bang is graded. Square faces should choose a long and slanted bang, and thinned and light pony will eliminate the heaviness of the chin. In the coming season you can use hot pants, curling irons, irons and hair dryers to put the pony. Competently selected pony trap concentrate on the cheekbones and eyes. Layers of hair help mask the wrinkles on the forehead and cause a rejuvenating effect.

Narrow the wide face will help the cascade with a minimal length of hair to the level of the chin. But the hair of the face can not be cut. An almost universal cascade should not be made for ladies with curly hair. Such a hair is of course voluminous, so a cascade that adds volume just does not make sense. Yes, and the styling of these hairs will take a lot of time. Curly hair will not be able to retain its shape and will quickly “fall off”.

Cascading haircuts.

It’s very difficult to do a cascading haircut with your own strength: you need skills and attention. It is important to have a hairstyle on clean, not wet, but wet hair.

1. The carefully combed hair is divided into several small parts, which emphasize the pony individually.
2. The cascade type is determined. Part of the hair at the top is attached with a clip.
3. After determining the length of the top layer, cut off the tips.
4. Repeat the action with the remaining levels.
5. It is important to monitor compliance with levels so that the strands are evenly decorated next to the face.
6. Cut the ends of the hair with scissors for milling.

Such hairstyles allow a variety of styling. For example, the uppermost layer of hair remains untouched, and the lower one remains in the middle of the curling iron. It is very important to use hair straighteners and big curls. Ideal curls are obtained by curling in the opposite direction. The trail is ideal for ladies with heavy chin. Non-standard and creative will emphasize putting in the curl in the reverse and straight side. When shearing a ladder, the strands are cut forward in different lengths. Good hairstyle, so that most of the hair stays the same volume, and you can do any hairstyle.

In the 2015 season, the “cap” will be relevant for middle hair. In combination with the coloring, a two or more layered haircut, which is more characteristic of short hair, is a real hit of the season. Fashion – Lady changeable and very windy. Because it is important not only to monitor the beauty of the haircut, but also its relevance to the trends of the time. To do this, you need to contact the professionals, advise on choosing a hairstyle to always stay up. The first thing you pay attention to is a woman’s hair.

Haircuts for Slim Hair 2015.

Ways to mask the defects – very many. Hairdressers have even learned to cope with thin hair. In the coming season, especially thin and medium-sized hair in straight and straight cuts will look particularly impressive. But it’s better to forget about archiving: it will not add the root volume. Geometric haircuts are very beautiful, with a minimum of graduation, with rectangular or round cuts, asymmetrical. It is very important that the styling of such hairstyles is not difficult. Round shapes of hairstyles will suit ladies with a square Lido rectangular face shape, and angles are necessary for round or oval faces.

It is worth noting that thin-haired women should cut their hair at least once a month so that the breaking ends will not affect the hairstyle. The special effect is achieved by alternating dark and light strands, but dark tones are contraindicated. The upcoming season offers the ladies a thin hair part without a bang, a car with a straight bangs and a slightly graduated version. You will add hair volume and lightness without complaining.

Bob: an eternal and always up-to-date classic.

Femininity and mischief is a bob haircut. It does not lose its relevance to thin hair owners. Legendary hairstyle – the choice of Hollywood stars and the most famous women in the world. She is elegant, stylish and beautiful. It looks good on straight and slightly curly hair, which gives the ladies charm and youthfulness. Regardless of the time of the day and the season, you can make an evening out based on that. So the usual styling. Every day, this haircut will look different with minimal care. The hairdo owes its appearance to the American dancer Irene Castle . Before the show, she ruthlessly cut off her long hair so as not to disturb her dancing. A new, rather extravagant image, liked Coco Chanel , and after their world Boheme began to accept a hairstyle.

Variations for the bean very much. The same length of ponyad focuses on the lips and chin. Bob draws round faces and visually makes the ideal ideal. Asymmetric bob with a slightly declining bang always looks fresh and interesting. Coloring will help change the look and hide unprofitable parts of the haircut and highlight the one you want. Multi-layered bob is contraindicated for girls whose faces are clumsy. But the rest, by adjusting the length of the stages of the initial layers, will be able to produce pomp of the crown and ease of hairstyle independently by treating the ends independently. This option is best for thin and thin hair owners. Thickened, smooth and dense hair – the hairstyle looks very impressive on them. A textured bob hairstyle with a soft shape is a choice of democratic nature.

Bob Square is offering a new season with a long pony. It can be worn on the face, left smooth or textured. You can not change the usual hair and its direction. The trend of the coming season – disheveled Bob. It is especially suitable for girls who want to look stylish and bright.

Asymmetry: always up to date.

Asymmetric haircut means that the length of the hair is shorter on one side and longer on the other. It is selected by ladies who want to attract attention. However, it is important to make such a hairstyle only for a professional who can select a hairstyle according to the shape of the head, taking into account the structure of the hair and providing the perfect option for a haircut. This type of hairstyling will stretch the visually round face and remove excessive swelling. The option is on the one hand with a length to the chin, with a bow – to the cheekbones possible. Looks great like hairstyles on women with regular facial features, its oval shape, and its medium-sized forehead. Hairstyles are graphics, and therefore it is worth choosing them owners of straight and thick hair.

Women of short stature in the new season will be able to choose patchwork hairstyles and visually increase their growth. Variants of hooligan haircuts and grunge images are possible.
Graduated haircuts are made from the crown over the entire length. These hairstyles are suitable for all types of hair of medium length. They emphasize the neckline, adding volume to the back of the head. It will only be a small bouffant and slightly curly hair.

Creative Haircuts 2015.

Classic position does not give up in any season, only slightly modified. However, the fashion and haircuts will be original, with global asymmetry and bold colors. You will give the created image originality. For example, a bright bang differs from the rest of the hair by highlighting tone or individual curls with contrasting tones – a bold and fashionable image is achieved. The trend of the new season are the shaven side pictures.

How do you choose your hairstyle in the new season?

Hairstyle determines the type of person. To determine, it is important to remove the hair, sit in front of a mirror and circle the face around the contour. What a geometric figure will look like, a shape and the face. For Oval, good any haircuts. Chubby has to choose hairstyles without pony like a classic bean. Asymmetry – for square faces and wavy hair. Thick Pangs triangular faces, as well as smooth haircuts are contraindicated. A little thinned pony and side walls are her choice. For diamond-shaped faces, it is important to close the forehead completely, and locking the locks from the sides is not recommended.

The long nose is compensated by the pomp of the haircut, the small one by small curls. Narrow-set eyes are set high with strands along the cheeks. Heavy and firm hair is shown in steps, and textured hair is suitable for sparse and thin hair. Perfectly smooth and smooth hairstyle is the choice of those whose faces have strict features and thin shape. The universality of hairstyles for the middle hair in the ease of design is based on it, in universality. You can change the created image several times a day, and each time it will be new. The ladies who choose this style are not only practical, but are also looking more closely at the stronger sex.

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Haarschnitte für mittlere Haare 2015. 120 Fotos von modischen Haarschnitten.


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