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Hairspike for medium hair. 63 photos.

Haarspike für mittleres Haar. 63 Fotos.

Hairspike for medium hair. 63 photos.

A woman should always look good. And not only does she have to pick up a chic outfit and make-up, but she also has to do well with her hair. Of course, there is not always enough time to visit a hairdresser, so it is important to make elegant hairstyles with the existing tools. Which hairstyles are perfect for everyday and evening dresses? The answer is simple – French braids.

French styling has long been considered a style icon and a benchmark of elegance, especially with regard to different types of braids. Complicated weaving looks charming, and it seems impossible to weave without help, but that’s not it. And in this article we will talk about how to make one of the variants of the French braid, namely “fishtail” or, in other words, “spike”. This styling looks more complicated than the usual French braid, but the first weaves much easier. There are different ways to weave the fishtail. For example, you can make a “ponytail” and braid it in the “top”. You can weave a fishtail over your head, starting over your forehead. Of course, the easiest way to do this is to braid a “spikelet” based on a simple tail.

If you are weaving a fishtail on your own and not on one side, you will need two mirrors. Many stylists use this straightforward trick when, for example, they make a fashionable bob or cascade hairstyle. Also decide on the thickness of the strands that you take during weaving. Remember, the smaller the added strand, the more elegant the braid becomes. So let’s start. The first thing you need to do is comb your hair well. Then take two identical strands of hair from the temples. Cross them so that the right is up. Next, separate the small strand on the left side and add it to the right, it is desirable to help yourself with a small comb. There is still a secret to failing “fish tail” without “cocks” when stretching the strands when throwing. Next, separate the small strand on the right and switch to your left hand. It is important that the locks are the same, then the spit is neat!

Then repeat the process until you reach the hairline, then you can fix it with a rubber band at the back of the head. Nevertheless, you can continue to put on straps and stab your hair at the end of the braid. You can make a nice “spikelet” luscious, you do not have to put on the streaks when braiding a braid. If you learn how to do this hairstyle for medium hair, you can experiment with weaving. For example, try braiding the “inverted” braid, ie the braids do not intersect under the braid, but underneath. “Fishtail” can be woven and sideways. In addition, it is ideal for going to the cinema or café with friends and for special occasions (weddings or dates). In the latter cases, you can add pearls with pearls into the braid, as well as tie their beautiful hairpin. The advantage of the fishtail is that it emphasizes the length of your hair.

Do not forget that every hairstyling of you not only requires good skills, but also a creative approach! Successful experiments!

Photo hairstyle “Spike”.

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Haarspike für mittleres Haar. 63 Fotos.


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