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Hairstyle waterfall do it yourself. 100 photos of beautiful hairstyles.

Frisur Wasserfall tun Sie es selbst. 100 Fotos von schönen Frisuren.

Hairstyle waterfall do it yourself. 100 photos of beautiful hairstyles.

If you are the owner of thick and long hair, it means that you know how hard it is to bundle your hair in bunches and rolls. And not due to the fact that a lot of hair, but just not all hairpins can hold them. So, the owners of long and thick hair or go with loose, or braid them in pigtails. It also happens that a girl with long hair loves to dissolve it, but with a strong wind they zap quickly and start to climb in the face. For these girls there is a wonderful solution – the “waterfall” of the hair. We thank all our readers for your beautiful photos of the “waterfall” that you sent us and that we published in this issue of our women’s magazine “Raznoblog”.

A rather simple hairstyle “French waterfall” looks interesting and modern. How is it done and how to weave it?

1. Take two strands from the side of the pony from the side and release the top third. Last run between two strands.
2. Now place the bottom on the one that was in the middle and the top – on the bottom. And twist it (only once).
3. In the same way you need to braid the rest of the braid: skip a loose strand of hair between the two and twist it. The “Waterfall” line can go smoothly around the head, and you can weave it a little diagonally.
4. As you approach the other end, your two strands will almost end. Turn them around the last “trickle” and attach two new strands from the temple area on them.
5. To prevent these new strands from dissolving during weaving, apply foam or mousse and turn (only once).
6. And now make a return to the beginning of the waterfall. And use the same free strands as when weaving the first braid.
7. When you reach the end, twist the two strands into a bundle and hide under the front strand. Secure with a hair clip.
8. Hairstyle is ready!

Tips and general scheme.

– Secure the straps at the very end so that the hairstyle does not disappear at the wrong time.
– You can fix the styling varnish.
– Free locks can remain straight or wavy if desired.

No wonder with this kind of styling, that this is a kind of representation of natural elements in female hair. You can see this for yourself by looking at the numerous photos for this article. Soft strands of hair gently fall on the shoulders of a girl like tongues of a magnificent waterfall. Perhaps this is the reason for the popularity of this hairstyle among the owners of medium and long hair.

In combination with a beautiful make-up, this styling will be a real blessing for lovers of everyday life. In fact, this type of weaving is almost the simplest and most uncomplicated, despite all apparent complexity. You can come up with a kind of “waterfall” by adding an unusual accessory or changing the braids yourself. More and more Hollywood stars have been lobbying for this kind of long hairstyle lately. No wonder they say that genius is easy.

In the field of several attempts you can make the “French waterfall” pretty fast and the hairstyle will not seem to be difficult to perform. If you have a little time, you can make a “waterfall” of one braid, not two. Such a hairstyle as a “French waterfall” is suitable for both casual wear and evening wear. In the latter cases, “free” strands can be curled and beautiful hair ornaments added to the hairstyle. Do not be afraid to experiment with the styling! Especially if you have long hair. Finally, options for hairstyles a large number and a sufficient number of them can be done independently.

Of course, it takes almost no effort and time for a styling, and the friend does not get the first time, but it’s well worth it. With the help of hairstyles and various accessories, you can refresh your everyday outfit and give your look an even better look. First, try making simpler hairstyles before moving on to more complex hairstyles. The latter often consist of the first. Start with different types of tails, braids, hulek, bouquets and other hairstyles. Successful to your experiments!

Photo gallery of beautiful female hairstyles.

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Frisur Wasserfall tun Sie es selbst. 100 Fotos von schönen Frisuren.


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