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Hairstyles for every day. Medium hair. 84 photos and videos.

Frisuren für jeden Tag. Mittelhaare. 84 Fotos und Videos.

Hairstyles for every day. Medium hair. 84 photos and videos.

Women are always thinking about how to take off their hair to look even better, but at the same time not spend much time on it. Most worried are those who have long or medium-length hair. After all, your styling needs time, and fashionable hairstyles are often complex and you want to look stylish everyday! Let’s look at different options for hairstyles that do not take much time, you can do them yourself, and most importantly with such hairstyles you can look very feminine.

The simple hairstyles for every day include braids (“French” braid, “fishtail” / “cone”), “horse” tail, curls and fleece. In this article on our women’s portal I present you the so-called TOP-5 of the simplest and fastest hairstyles for medium hair. Of course, as always, I will provide a large amount of high quality photos of fashionable hairstyles, hairstyles and hairstyles. And at the end, you’ll see little video tutorials on creating stylish female hairstyles.

A simple tail can decorate the braid, which is twisted around its bottom. And you can do a reverse tail with two thin pigtails. Despite the fact that it sounds too cumbersome, but in fact, this hairstyle is easily woven:

1. Separate the strand from the head and divide it into three parts.
2. Braid the French braid from the right side to the ear, so that you can fix the hair only on the side of the face, then you have to braid a normal braid and tie at the end.
3. Braid the braid on the left side.
4. Collect pigtails and the upper part of the hair in a high tail. Above that you have to make a hole and turn the tail inside.
5. And finally, the bandage behind the right ear should be stretched by the tail, also on the left side. Attach the base of the tail stealth so that the styling will last longer.
6. Hairstyle is ready!

Art Nouveau hair – tousled cock:

1. If you have straight hair – lure it. Collect the hair in the tail and secure it with hairpins. Curls near the temples should be left free.
2. The tail should be combed lightly. For a larger volume, use a dry shampoo first and experiment with hair with a comb.
3rd hairstyle is ready!

Diversify the “horse” tail weave: Pony is woven into a “spikelet”, which then gently wraps around the tail base:

1. Separate the strand in the area of ​​the pony, poke the remaining hair so that they do not bother you.
2. Pigtail “Fishtail”, Locks only from the side of the face, to the ear. Then plait simply “spike” without gripper. Pierce the braid at the end.
3. Of the remaining hair “horse” tail. And wrap our sloping base on top. We fix the “fishtail” invisibly.
4th hairstyle is ready!

A bunch looks very feminine, from which a tail falls:

1. Tempt your tips a little bit.
2. Divide the hair in a horizontal separation on the upper and lower parts.
3. Next there are two options. Lighter: Make the tail from above and wrap it in the ground. A more complex option – the top part is not hardened, but immediately wrapped the bottom.
4. When winding, turn the lower part into a bundle. It should be about two turns.
5. Secure the bundle with hairpins. To keep the styling longer, you can fix it with varnish.
6. Hairstyle is ready!

If you want to collect hair so they do not bother your business, you can try styling with a double spiral bun:

1. Divide the hair into 2 parts in a horizontal division. In addition, the tip should get a little less than the bottom.
2. Turn the bundle from the top and twist the strand into a bundle. Safe with hair clips.
3. Turn the bottom and wrap the bundle around. Safe with hair clips. Do not forget to hide the tips under the first thread.
4th hairstyle is ready!

When a girl goes to work or school, she tries to choose a simpler styling, usually a tail, a bun, or a braid. But if you take a more creative approach to hairstyle, then you can get beautiful styling from simple elements. Experiment with your hair!

And finally, the promised video with light hairstyles for every day on medium and long hair:

10 hairstyles for every day. For long and medium hair.

Simple hairstyles for every day.

Photos of hairstyles for every day.

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Frisuren für jeden Tag. Mittelhaare. 84 Fotos und Videos.


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