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Hairstyles for girls. 70 photos.

Kinderfrisuren für Mädchen. 70 Fotos.

Hairstyles for girls. 70 photos.

At home, it’s a breeze to make an interesting hairstyle for a girl. Most mothers can independently master beautiful hairstyles for daughters. At the children’s head, order should be fast and not fussy, as complex “constructions” can be disheveled. Hairstyles for girls have to be stylish and comfortable. Even seven-year-old princesses love to jump and run. Pigtails, tails and haircuts “Square” and “Bob” – among the most popular. “Spikelets”, “Donuts”, French braids – for girls, such options are perfect. The hair in them does not fall on the face and stay clean longer.

Hairstyles for short hair.

For monotonous hairstyles for children, short haircuts are not compulsory. It’s easy to take care of such haircuts, and you can diversify them with tails and pigtails with crabs, separations or just creating a creative mess. Bob and Bob haircuts are perfect for active girls. They are easy to lay and easy to care for. And you can decorate your hair with decorative hairpins and headbands. Short curls easily in the “wheel” to collect. Then the girl’s head will look neat, as seen in the photo . To create a curly hairstyle, you need to carefully comb and tie it in the tail. Put on a wide rubber band. To distribute hair and fix hairpins, the rubber band was not visible. Put another chewing gum on the bun, remove the hairpins, bend the hair tips around the rubber band and fix them. Decorate the steering wheel with a tissue. Hairstyle with colorful cocks are perfect for kindergarten and elementary school . The hair should be combed and divided into equal strands. Fix each tail rubber bands, different in color, but the texture is the same. The more tails on the head, the more interesting the hairstyle.

For medium hair.

“Little dragons” look very interesting. The weaving takes a while and follows the instructions. The strands are divided by division, each of them divided into three more: the occipital, temporal, middle. From the middle, a round “dragon” weaves from the ear and weaves locks from the temples. Weave two links of the French braid for girls. Grab hair from the inside, weave the hair in the neck. Make a braid from the tips and put a rubber band on top. Fold in the “kite” and secure with a decorative bolt. Also treat the rest of the hair. For the hairstyle, “Clover” is made on the back of the head with a ponytail, and the hair is divided into three parts. Each strand is braided into a braid. Their ends are attached with rubber bands, the ends are wrapped underneath. A big colored rubber band is put on the tail, so that the braids are over it. Pike, which was edged on three sides to the hairstyle, resembled a shamrock. In this gallery of fashion photos you will find many of these hairstyles for girls.

If the mother is not home and the child has to do her hair, the father can also deal with the tail. Just pick the need to chew soft, but thick, and do not take metal hairpins so as not to damage the hair. Even a normal braid can be original. Apart from the rubber band to be fastened, no accessories are needed. A small strand of hair is divided into four parts and braided into a French braid. One of the strands pulls gently upwards. Fix the clip. The same steps must be done with the remaining strands. Join them with a “crab” and release the hair.

For long hair.

For an original and simple hairstyle, you should comb your hair carefully and apply a small amount of styling foam or gel on it. Braids braids and secure the ends with rubber bands. Then you have to twist the braids between each other, transfer them into each other as if they were links in a chain. At the base of the braid to strengthen the hairpin and to tie beautiful bows. Circular braid is suitable for girls with thick and long hair. First, the hair is moistened with water and collected at the back of the head. From a small strand, which is stretched out of it, they are woven from left to right to a braid that spirals over the tail. On the outside of the skewer, visible, run the French spit , weaving off their strands from the tail. From the side of the hidden go to the usual weaving. Braid the ends of the hair into a braid and put on an elegant rubber band at the end of the braid.

For the hairnet, the hair is divided into equal parts and each twisted into a bundle. They intersect and fix with colored rubber bands over the entire length. For the “Venochka” make eight tails. The tip of the tail on the side, near the ear, is guided by the gums of the tail next to it clockwise. Actions are repeated with all tails. The hairstyle is attached with crab pins. The main thing when weaving you tighten your hair easily. This leads to a thinning. It is better to use extra hairpins for relentless strands. Therefore, it is better if you choose short haircuts to consult a master to choose an option that pleases both the daughter and the mother.

Hairstyles for girls to school.

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Kinderfrisuren für Mädchen. 70 Fotos.


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