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Hairstyles for middle hair with their own hands. 130 photos.

Frisuren für mittlere Haare mit ihren eigenen Händen. 130 Fotos.

Hairstyles for middle hair with their own hands. 130 photos.

The easiest way to change yourself is to change your hairstyle. After all, a half-length hair completely new hairstyle is easy. This length allows you to change the images every day, and an interesting styling based on it is easy and very interesting. Today we continue talking about fashionable women’s hairstyles. The women’s magazine “Raznoblog” offers a new collection of beautiful photos sent by our readers. We look forward to your comments and feedback!

“Ladders” and women retro hairstyles.

A real find for creative natures will be hairstyles for medium hair with strands of “ladder”. Long pony covers the forehead and eyebrows. The lateral upper strands must be twisted into a spiral so that the floor remains straight. Clear in the middle – make the middle part with your hands. Hairstyle is ideal for oval faces. Retro in fashion in everything and also in hairstyles. Make a long bang behind the ears, form a light fleece on the back of the head, pull aside the side strands with ironing and fix with wax and glitter. For unruly hair, a lot of paint is needed. Complement the image of a wide bezel that contrasts with the hair color. It transforms hairstyle deadly blonde from the “Diamond Hand”.

Graphic lines – in fashion.

Total freedom, as if the hair only played the breeze – it is also a fashionable hairstyle. For hard, thick hair, this hairstyle fits great. It perfectly emphasizes the beauty of graded haircuts with strands of different lengths. Straight hair, animated by straight-line hairstyles, is one of the hottest trends of the season. It is possible to emphasize the hair color, the volume of the hairstyle and make a division along the growth line of the pony. This hairstyle is universal, as it is suitable for different face shapes and different hair thicknesses. She makes her owners younger and more modern.

Because it is necessary to smooth the non-iron hair at low temperature. Each passage of the ironing is troublesome to finish with a turn so that the ends of the hairs are slightly bent inwards. Do not forget the increase in the volume of thin hair. Volumetric hairstyle is easily built on the basis of a haircut “Bob” with hair down to the chin and a little lower. To do this, you should dry your hair at home with a hair dryer, with your head down, sprinkle with a strong hold varnish, form separate strands and fix your hair with varnish.

Evening hairstyle.

Semi-long hair – the most popular. You can comb, curl, plait braids, make a bun, “shell”, decorate hair with flowers and hairpins. Traditional hairstyles for the evening, based on the tails and pigtails. You have to be patient and prepare studs, stealth, rubber bands and accessories. First you have to make a smooth break in the middle of the head. Braid each half of the hair in the back and secure yourself with hairpins for a while. Fix Weave low with a rubber band. Comb the tail, curl and fix. Adding Kosam volume stretches the strands slightly from the edges. Hide the chewing gum under the skein, stretch it out of the tail or hide it among other accessories.


Suitable for any occasion hairstyle “Waves” is very popular. The hair is dried with a hair dryer, whereby the strands are pulled lightly and the comb is leveled. Create waves by applying gel to the hair. For convenience, you can use hairpins or curl curlers. The waves are fastened with a special net. Remove hairpins or curlers again from a hair-dry hair dryer.


Mark most of the hair on the crown, divide into two equal strands. Tie them together into a knot at the back of the head. Arrange also the lower hairs. There are three nodes from top to bottom. Shaped tails from the lower and upper nodes should be combined left and right. The ends of the middle node hang free. Bind hair with hairpins. Connect the combined right strands to the right middle strand. Repeat for the left half of the hairstyle. Be sure to fix the strands with rivets and secure with varnish.

Spit from the spit.

Take a close-up of rolled-up strands and comb your hair back. Braid the French braid off your neck. Remove the strand from the end, pull so that the rest of the hair is collected in an accordion. Turn the selected strand, wrap the hair over it and attach it with needles. Original handwriting hairstyle is perfect for the office.

Such a different cock.

Turning and weaving creates a reverse tail. The hair looks unusual and very romantic. You can create it for a celebration and for everyday life. Make your hair into a hairstyle by curling it up. Mark the side strand, secure it with a rubber band. Leave free pony. Slide the end of the tail into the hole above the rubber band. To do the same with the rest of the strands, moves to the back of the head. You should have three loose cocks. Leave a free strand of hair near the neck. Combine the loose strand and the three tails into one.

Remove excess rubber. Laying can be changed. For hairstyles for hair of medium length, means are needed to create them: gels, mousses, foams and varnishes. They help create a new image, repair it and protect your hair from the effects of negative factors.

A large gallery of photos of hairstyles made by hand.

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Frisuren für mittlere Haare mit ihren eigenen Händen. 130 Fotos.


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