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Hairstyles for the new 2017 year. 300 photos of medium, long and short hairstyles.

Frisuren für das neue 2017 Jahr. 300 Fotos von mittleren, langen und kurzen Frisuren.

It is customary to prepare in advance for the New Year 2017. And you not only have to think outfit and jewelry, but also hair. And there are enough conditions for this: comfort, simplicity of creation, practicability. And often it’s the speed that becomes the main selection criterion. And that’s understandable: On the last day of the year catastrophic time shortage prevails, every second counts. And that’s why the salons are overcrowded, and the nerves are on the limit. But the whole spectacular styling can be created by yourself!

The Raznoblog presents a huge collection of all types of women’s New Year hairstyles. In this issue you will find over 300 photos of trendy and stylish haircuts and haircuts for long, medium and short hair.

Frisuren für das neue 2017 Jahr. 300 Fotos von mittleren, langen und kurzen Frisuren.

Which hairstyle of the new year to choose?

If choosing hairstyles should consider whether moving contests New Year’s Eve, whether vigorous dances are planned, whether withstand stacking game snowballs? Laying in the new 2017 should be comfortable and durable. What is the use of working in the salon for hours to create a masterpiece that can hardly stand the half-night of competition?

The laying should not contradict the chosen picture. Exquisite haircut and boyfriend jeans look very strange, and carefree styling is not very well suited for an elegant New Year’s Eve evening dress. And in the festive picture, all the details should complement each other.

And features of appearance can not be forgotten when choosing a hairstyle. Then the imperfections are invisible and the merits are obvious.

Simple and elegant!

There are universal possibilities, as in numerous photos in this issue of our women’s magazine. For such a hairstyle, the washed strands are dried and combed back. A pair of identical strands are isolated on top of the head, crossed and thin curls added an inch below.

Again, the strands are crossed to overlap the previous ones. The movement is repeated, constantly crushing and completing it from the mass of curls. As a result, all hairs divided into two equal parts will be near the hairline growth line. They are brought to the “tail” and imperceptible rubber band. Underneath locks “Fishtail”.

Spit twisted beam, fixed invisibly. There will be an interesting variant even with incompletely symmetrical weaving. This installation does not need any special additions, but you can choose the right accessories for you.

And there is a very spectacular option with pony (see photo). Strands draw a hair dryer or ironed ironing. At the top of the head they collect the hair in a high tail and tighten it with a strong rubber band. Separate curls for the decoration of the future braid. The remaining mass of curls turned into a bundle and rolled into a bun. It remains to fix the result with a few invisible or rivets.

From the separate strands weave a braid. Her tip is hidden with the help of hairpins, strengthens the hair. And the bundle will be decorated with a braid, a ribbon and a bow and even a scarf. For the final decor option, a chiffon or other light scarf is wrapped around the wearer and tied with a spectacular bow. In the middle of the bow attach a hairpin or a brooch.

How do you decorate a festive styling in 2017?

The bezel and bow is not a bad accessory, and it is excellent to tame the unruly strands, striving to break out of the hairstyle. And the headscarf suits a festive look. The main thing is to choose a color that harmonizes with the outfit.

Flower accessory is always good. Attach it to the side of the hair – and the image will get an extra emphasis, especially if the colors of the jewelry contrast with the outfit. And so that the accessory does not distract from other interesting details, it is worth choosing its similar color to play the role of complementing the color palette.

Modesty and elegance – a hair bow. And do not fall in the eye and do not look away and notice such an accessory.

Styling for long hair on New Year’s Eve 2017

If the length of the hair allowed, then the possibilities of amazing holiday hairstyles – the sea. And the luxury of long hair will appreciate everything, and the beauty of the hair will be noticed. And it’s not surprising that owners of well-kept “manes” prefer loose or half-folded curls. Natural and tasty and glamorous waves, volume curls and mischievous curls. A varnish with gold or silver glitter gives the styling a festive touch.

But even then, the outfit should be chosen to match the hairstyle, with grace and femininity in the foreground. Spectacular evening dress and flowing hair in curls – a brilliant option. And the collected hair does not look worse than the loose strands. The harnesses, hair bows, various bouquets highlighted by the contrasting colors of the strands are to the taste of the new owner of 2017, the faucet, and the monkey will not be offended that they have already forgotten their slightly flighty and eccentric character. But the more original the hairstyle is, the more unusual it is for you to choose your outfit.

Hairstyles for medium length

Hair length is average? Chances only slightly lower than with long strands! And the really festive masterpieces are preserved with a long hair head, as in the photo. An elongated Bob or Bob with graduation is particularly suitable for the New Year’s fan in retro style. And lush curls are good. And the “most-most” option is an oblong quad with light waves or big curls. Very stylish styling option with weaving on the background of a smooth caret. For example, successfully complete the hair braid from the temple to the temple.

Both “tails” and “bundles” are for medium length. The easiest option is a high tail and laying on a roller. And for a romantic picture, a bunch is carefree, side “tail” with twisted strands. And for a change, you can complement the hairstyle with French weaving.

New Year’s styling for short haircuts

Is the haircut short? In the shade, the owner of such hair will not stay! The main thing to determine the mood of the image, and then create. A small hairpin or a thin bezel decorated with stones – and the “a la romantic” option is ready.

Regardless of the animal mascot 2017, evening hairstyles are sophistication, emphasized solemnity and elegance. It’s not surprising, because the evening without styling looks unfinished. But what if the main trends are naturalness and simplicity? Hairdressers have achieved that naturalness attracts no less attention than exquisite arrogance. Thanks to the accessories, the hairstyles sparkle for the new year, shimmering as well as the Christmas tree, but do not overshadow him. And styling and dynamic and lively and mischievous, and at the same time do not look intentionally.

New Year Trends 2017

Stylists have put together a list of hairstyle recommendations for New Year’s Eve 2017. The main trend of the coming year is volume declines. Even thin strands can become curls. But on trend, curls are not elastic, but a bit carefree beach waves. And the festive hairstyle fits more accurately than the daily version.

Values ​​are not tied to the length of the hair: volumetric curls look as good on the medium as on a long length and even on a short hairstyle. Very successful basic volume. And you can achieve pomp in more ways than one. With a special nozzle for a hair dryer or with different sizes of curls. Everything is clear with a hair dryer. But curls near the roots become smaller and firmer, the lower ones are lighter and looser. Then, without scratching, the strands look fluffy up.

A focus on simplicity has revived the retro styling. Vintage hairstyles include rollers, curly braids and inverted waves. For evening dresses they are perfectly combined. But the make-up requires a light and a manicure in the style of the picture.

Web relevance will not lose. In holiday styling (see photo) braids are only welcome. But evening options are more sophisticated and complex than the everyday ones. They are based on “French waterfalls” as well as “fish tails” , multi-row weaving and “crowns” .

Tall and straight hair – the trend of the new year. This can be a super-neat styling, and a slightly careless with disheveled, like a light breeze, strands. In fashion and the combination of shells and bundles and rolls with weaving. At the same time, the braids are a feminine exquisite complement to complete the picture.

Evening hairstyle for short hair takes a little time and the problem will not even be without the opportunity to visit the salon. Textured curls – that’s a great option! Neither special skills nor special skills are required to create hairstyle in the style of mid-century films. Curls wrapped and fixed the strands. And you can add a retro picture with a vintage bandage with stones or feathers.

Outrageous Mohawk is also an evening hairstyle, suitable for the festive night of 2017! This is not a defiant styling option, but a playful messy hair. In a suitable design, the hairstyle is suitable for a festive styling of an ultra-short haircut, for which it is extremely difficult to build something unusual.

The average length and not heavy hair, and to fix an incredible number of hairpins, do not need, and it is difficult to overdo it with styling. Therefore, the stylists offer simple and effective options. Roll up Pryadki easily – and get a luxurious evening style. She and the sharpness of the devil soften and add femininity. Creating curls is a job for hair curlers, hair dryers, brushes and spools. But in order not to become unfashionable, tight spirals, but a carefree trend, you have to do without the strands. And it is not necessary to turn the hair too tight on the spools or curlers.

Salon options hairstyles do it yourself

Can I not visit the salon before the holidays? And there is no time to create a hairstyle? There is an elegant and easy way. Curls slightly ironed ironing or curling, Prisoborayut side strands back and fixed with pins. That’s ready for unusual and sophisticated styling.

Low Tail is the trend of the next year. To turn the usual hairstyle into the evening style, it is enough to turn the locks or make a pile.

Weaving in festive style becomes both a central accent and a successful addition. Plait mono position from the side and in the middle and at the back of the head and on both sides. And the most popular options are French weaving with Babette, Beam or Shell.

If the hair is long, the tail will be the best hairstyle for the evening. Moreover, it is not necessary to go deep. With a suitable length, spectacular high and side options. And additional accessories are not needed. Trendy and neat styling, and careless, smooth and curly.

“Malvina” – a good option. After all, the sublime crown is back in fashion, and slightly twisted strands will complement the romantic look successfully.

For evening hairstyles no hair pieces or “bagels” are needed. But the released locks and long-falling pony are quite successful. A shiny accessory can be, but they are optional.

New Year’s Eve 2017 – a reason to dress particularly effectively and to show the most beautiful picture. Whatever extravagant option is chosen, the styling is for everyone! If the curls are short, you can lift part of the hair over the forehead and fix it to the back of the head. You add side strands. Original headbands and hairpins complete the “Pixie” haircut and make it festive. And slightly ruffled curls are very good, and vintage waves.

New picture in the new year!

To create a retro-style image, make it voluminously buffy and add a shiny edge or sparkling bandage. This option “a la sixties” is very relevant.

Do you have your own curls? Hairstyle is not a problem! It is enough to lash lush strands into a mop and to complement the building with a bright band. Straight? Curl Curling or Tongs Curl, with the roots remaining straight. And the usual “snail” turns into a slightly liberated version, exquisite “chamomile”.

No stylist needs star styling. “Fishtail with a bundle” does not need time. Many curls are divided in front by the side separation, the rear part is horizontal. On the one hand, let part of the order, and the rest will be taken in the “tail” . The remaining hair braids into a braid and fix the work on the back of the head with hairpins. The tail is combed and connected to the tissue. The hairstyle is fixed with a rubber band, which is covered by the blowing into the correct position.

Ideal for New Year’s Eve 2017 is the styling with three pigtails suitable. The hair is divided into three parts. The greatest, average, collect low “tail”. Lateral strands weave freely and attached to the base of the tail. The middle part is also braided at an angle. It is laid low bunch, fortifying stealth. Styling looks very difficult, but it’s not hard to do it.

And how successful the option with a low beam is, judge the owner of the hair. Need a twist barrette. The head of the head is divided by a side division, the strands are twisted with a roller and fixed with stealth. Occipital locks are divided into two parts and wound up with rollers. They are connected with hairpins fixed with varnish. You can add a diadem or a hairpin with stones.

Hair Bow is definitely a festive option! And make it easy and keep it for a long time. Strands are taken in the high “tail”, loosen a strand and lead around the base of the “tail”. The tip is fixed with a hair clip and fixed with varnish.

Split the tail in half. The first one is rotated by two fingers to get a scroll that is fixed by invisible beings near the base of the “tail”. These actions are repeated with the second half of the hairstyle. The resulting bow is decorated with a hair clip or a band.

French Falls – Hairstyle for romantic and young ladies. Branches at the side parted. At the temple, a thin strand is separated and divided into three parts. They weave their usual braid. The turning of the face moves down. It is brought to the side, a curl weaves from below into the same hairstyle with the same thickness, and the top hair is added to the top strand.

The weaving continues, each time releasing the lower strands. In the middle of the head, the braid is fixed with an elastic band and weaves on the other side. Both braids are invisibly assembled, connect to a whole and achieve invisibility: The “waterfall” should appear continuously. If you want, you can braid a braid all over your head.

If you decide to make your hair simple but elegant, bright accessories will be useful. In the trend of artificial flowers, and some in the wreaths, hoops, ribbons. Even on loose strands without laying, the lunettes with gold beads and flowers look luxurious.

The best time to translate wishes and bold ideas – New Year’s Eve. Therefore, a bright outfit is appropriate and a hairstyle fits one that you can not wear every day. But the most important components of success on a festive night are a bright smile and brilliant eyes. A gloomy look and a sour expression spoil even the most thoughtful picture.

Gallery of women’s new year 2017 haircuts

Frisuren für das neue 2017 Jahr. 300 Fotos von mittleren, langen und kurzen Frisuren.


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