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Hairstyles with bangs on medium-long hair. 105 photos.

Frisuren mit Pony auf mittellangem Haar. 105 Fotos.

Hairstyles with bangs on medium-long hair. 105 photos.

It seems that there is no such girl who never cuts off her pony. But it is so important to know which bang is right for your face and with what hairstyles it can and should be worn. Which hairstyles are suitable for pony? And what types of pony are there? Smooth pony goes well with thick and straight hair. It gives the picture seriousness, and besides, it does not take much time for it to leave. For girls with different types of cars, a perfect bang is ideal and even more charming to bring makeup into the image of “cat’s eyes”. Today we talk about pony on average hair. For a better overview, we have, as always, added a large number of beautiful photos.

Thick pony goes well with multi-level hairstyles because it gives their owners a sophisticated look. If you have a classic square, you need a straight big bang. If you have long hair, fat bangs will add sexuality. True, if you have curly hair, then the bang will most likely not get the classic look you want, but will also entice you. In addition, it requires careful styling with a gel or wax as well as ironing. If you like and wear classic hair, then slanted pony is right for you. It is desirable that the length of the latter does not exceed the middle line of the ears. If you cut the bangs asymmetrically, be sure to make voluminous hairstyles, with a styling gel, lift the hair on the back of the head and on the sides. The asymmetrical pony perfectly emphasizes the eyebrows and fits perfectly into a short haircut. Do not despair if you are the owner of long hair, such a bang will suit you if you have an oval face.

Recently, the Pony Bow, which opens the eyebrows, and the fringe became popular with a pile. And if you have long hair and like to risk, then a short bang for you. But remember that it does not fit all forms of the face. Short pony emphasizes well cheekbones and eyebrows. This hairstyle – long hair and pony over the eyebrows – looks great with light hair colors (blue-black or pink), because originally this style should create a doll image. Another unusual option is Vintage Pony, which is more used for special occasions or retro festivals and parties than for everyday wear. With such a bang, a high tail is perfectly combined with a band. And if you have a short haircut, then complement the hair with a beautiful brim or unusual hair clip. In the photo you can see many of these hairstyles of medium length.

Torn pony are good for girls with thin hair, and it does not matter if they are smooth or disheveled, long or medium. This bang gives the owner an innocent look and looks great with bright lipstick. In addition, and torn pony just fit the whole day. And if you’re in a hurry and you do not have time to lay pony, then you can just braid it. The more complex the plaited braid, the more interesting you will look. With the help of pony, it is easy to mask certain mistakes and give the picture a complete look. But do not forget that choosing a pony hairstyle is much harder than choosing them. And also do not abuse the fasteners, the edge should remain simple.

Since we started talking about fashionable hairstyles and hairstyles, I would like to share with you some secrets about how to preserve and improve the health of your hair. In order to have strong and beautiful hair, it is important to focus on three main aspects – care for health, cleanliness and proper use of cosmetics. Yes, yes, that’s right, you heard right.

1. Fair diet. Hair growth, including bangs, depends mainly on your daily menu. The most common problem in women is a low-iron diet. This helps keep your hair more often. The cause of hair loss is the lack of iron in the blood. This happens if you do not eat enough meat, eggs, cereals, peas and legumes. Be sure to be present in your diet should be fresh vegetables and fruits. The contained vitamin C helps the body to absorb iron more easily.

2nd haircut and hairstyle. Although haircut does not guarantee the strength of the hair, it will help to facilitate their care. Regular haircuts do not accelerate hair growth, but they prevent them from splitting, which also has a positive effect on hair health.

3. Use sensible dyes and hairdressing tools. Although the natural strength of your hair is quite high, various “abuses” can in some cases lead to irreversible damage. This can be caused by excessive or improper exposure to a hair dryer, curlers, hair straighteners and others. Remember that your scalp is very sensitive to color, and to avoid negative reactions, always check the effect of the color on the skin of your hand. If the skin turns red and swollen, do not use this tool on the scalp. There are many women who lighten their hair with peroxide. Excessive use of such an oxidizing agent can lead to breakage and thinning of the hair. Therefore, be very careful with the frequent use of various cosmetics.

Successful experiments with your hairstyle!

Photos of trendy hairstyles with bangs.

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Frisuren mit Pony auf mittellangem Haar. 105 Fotos.


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