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Hairstyles with braids for medium and long hair. 70 photos.

Frisuren mit Zöpfen für mittlere und lange Haare. 70 Fotos.

Hairstyles with braids for medium and long hair. 70 photos.

Braids always allow to look stylish and beautiful. Weaving can beat with refinement and business look. Hairstyles are not monotonous and are suitable for a work environment, for a walk and a festive exit. Each hairstyle is pretty easy to perform, just requires compliance with the procedure. Today we continue our story about beautiful and stylish hairstyles for women. We are happy to present you a new collection of high quality photos with all kinds of braids.

Hairstyles every day.

Casual hairstyles with regular weaving are suitable for every day, but you can change your look. For example, to make a braid crown. First, a round piece of hair falls on and is fixed with a small rubber band, as can be seen in the photo. Next to the ear braids starts to weave crowns . To do this, the strand of hair near the ear should be divided into three, the right should be placed over the middle, and the same actions should be repeated with the left extreme strand. When braiding small locks should be placed on one side of the entire hair mass, on the other side – the tail. The weaving continues in a circle until the end. The classic plait is braided from loose hair and its top is fixed with an elastic band that is masked under the hair.

The technique of weaving the spikelet or “fishtail”, as the hair is braided from the tail, is quite simple. The hair is collected in the tail and split in half. A strand is taken out from under the left side and attached to the right side, placing it on the strand from which it was severed. The same steps are needed to do with the right part of the hair. Alternately move the locks with this technology, repeating until the hair is completely braided into the braid. Attach the end with an elastic band or hair clip. Hair while weaving should be tight. Strands are better the same thickness. As they are thinner, the hairstyle looks more interesting. Spikelets on both sides of the face look very stylish. Such a beautiful hairdo with bangs, as shown in the photos in this article, looks very original.

With a very simple weaving of a skewer of four strands, the result is interesting and original. Carefully comb hair, dividing its mass into four parts. The size should be the same. The left strand, the first one, spreads out over the second, third, fourth. Then the fourth and first strand intersect in the middle. The right strand is placed on the second, third and fourth. On the other hand, the same: the fourth overlaps with the first strand. By the end of the hair length, all movements are repeated. For the attachment of the hairstyle fits any decoration that does not contradict the business style.

French braid.

For owners of thin and sparse hair, this weaving will help to get a voluminous hairstyle. The hair should be split in half, braiding a French braid from each braid, clinging to strands of the crown and face. At the level of neck weave finish and continue normally. Secure the ends with a rubber band. Spitcross lay on the back of his head, sending the ends with a lot of hair and repairing hairpins and paint. French braid – weaving in a special way from the forehead with a uniform gradual addition of locks. Hair can be placed in the middle of the head, along the face, in one or two pigtails. The Dutch braid is the opposite: it rises above the hair. This hairstyle is suitable as a basis for festive and complex weaving.

Solemn hairstyles.

Situations in which the serious event is unexpectedly quite small, but they still happen. And you have to get your head in order in no time. And if the hair is medium long and long, then the braids are just what is needed. With their help, you can create a festive hairstyle or a celebratory image in a few minutes, without the skills of a hair stylist. The braids are braided from the temples to the back of the head, crossed and fixed together. First, split the hair in the middle, take a strand near the left temple and weave a French braid toward the right temple along the leading edge of the hair. Similar actions are performed with the right strand. The finished braids intersect, and their ends are masked: the right braid – under the left, left – under the right at the temples with hairpins or invisible. The picture is stylish and sophisticated.

Elegant and feminine hairstyle is perfect for any occasion. First you have to part. The hair is divided into three parts, two sides and one back. Rear pick in a low cock. Braid each piece in a regular braid. Fold the rear strand in the pretzel and secure it with rivets. At the edges of it, make the same pretzel pretzels. The hair is ready. The times when the spit looked boring are over. Now women choose to weave pictures for every day and for the holidays. If former simple braids were fashionable, it is now advisable to pay more attention to stylish hair accessories, such as hair clips with decorative stones, hoops and colorful threads. Spit keeps his shape well. Hair comfortable with her and looks impeccable.

Gallery of beautiful and fashionable hairstyles for medium hair.

What kind of make-up do you prefer?

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Frisuren mit Zöpfen für mittlere und lange Haare. 70 Fotos.


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