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Half braid

Half braid
Half braid
Half braid

This is my new favorite braid.

It’s an upturned braid, so you put each strand under the others as you braid and braid only up and not down. So the hair that is closest to my forehead is not brought in, only hair from above. Does this make sense? It’s like half a French braid. Anyway, I love the look because it’s different from the standard and it’s gotten easier and easier each time I did it. Try it.

After finishing the first Hunger Games, I was so enthusiastic about asking AJ to read it. And he did it. In one day. He stayed awake all night and finished it. I was so surprised. It’s really that good. So, if you have not read it yet, run your little legs to the library and take them. Everyone does it.

Quote of the Day:

Me: “I had a dream last night that I had a baby.”
AJ: “What color was it?”



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