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Half-knot with wrap rolls

Half-knot with wrap rolls

How was your weekend?

Mine was too short; it is always, but no one likes a complainer.

On Saturday we went to the restaurant Le Nunne in Logan. It was a nice place and the bread and pesto with which they started us was delicious. When our meals arrived, we were both a little disappointed. Of course, we do not fix the whole place because we both think we just ordered badly. I usually ask what’s most popular on the menu, and this time it was just what I thought was good. We both got ravioli, but it was not really ravioli. It looked like three layers of lasagna pasta with spinach and ricotta wrapped in it and then floating in a cube of melted butter. AJ had veal and kept saying it was gritty. They were very rich and I could barely swallow half of it before I gave it up to eat it.

I finished the first two seasons of Downton Abbey and continued our walk through the first season of Heroes. Did you see both? How do you like her? Downton Abbey seems to be too fast for me. A catastrophe happens, but at the end of the episode, it’s solved. I wish they spend some more time hammering the details.

On Sunday I wore this hairstyle to church and when AJ and I had to teach the 13-year-old class, the girls were so excited about my hair. Hopefully it’s something you’ll try. After that we made a drive and drove through the environment in which we may live. It’s crazy to think that we need to start over and find new favorites like grocery stores, restaurants, redbatches, gas stations, etc. We also looked for other apartment complexes that we might have skipped at the beginning of our search.

It was a nice relaxed weekend. I love to spend time with only AJ, without many events and gatherings. I had a bunch of quotes to share, but unfortunately most are inappropriate. Think Michael Scott out of the office. I hope your weekend was wonderful.



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