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Half Up Crown Zopf

Half Up Crown Braid is the half-height version of the Dutch crown braid. I have recently posted a new version with a flower crown, which is the same technique but without the flower crown.

I love this hairstyle because I love to wear a crown. It always seems to be the perfect hairstyle for combating the summer heat. I wore it a few times on our trip to Bear Lake, which you can see here if you missed it.

It was especially fun to wear this half-high version because it still feels smart, but casual, with some of the hair left over. It’s the same technique as the tutorials above, but with a little tweaking when braiding the hair on the back of the head. You will see what I mean in the following video tutorial.

I hope you love it just like me and try it!

Half Up Crown BraidHalf Up Crown BraidHalf Up Crown Braid

Click for the video tutorial through …
Half Up Crown Braid

Follow these steps for the Half Up Crown Braid:

  1. Start by creating a deep side panel on the right side.
  2. Next, take a section on the heavy side of the part.
  3. Divide this section into three equal parts.
  4. Start a Dutch braid by crossing the back strand below the middle.
  5. Then cross the front strand under the middle.
  6. Now, with the back crossed under the middle, bring a strand of hair and add it to the strand.
  7. Repeat step six with the front strand and bring a hair section that creates the Dutch braided effect.
  8. Continue with steps 6 and 7 until the braid reaches the tip of the left ear.
  9. If the braid crosses the back of the head, pull on the lower part, which are closer to the braid, hair strands. This will make it harder to say that hair will be brought.
  10. Add hair from the top of the head and usual.
  11. Continue to braid around the head until all the hair is brought in and the braid reaches the right side of the head.
  12. Then braid your hair into a normal braid.
  13. Tie the end off with a rubber band.
  14. Loosen the braid by gently pulling on the edges.
  15. Then put the tail directly behind the braid and fix it. Hide the pen under the braid.
  16. Smooth out all overflies with hair spray and curling the ends of the hair.



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