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Half Up Fishtail Braid

Half Up Fishtail Braid is a great way to add a little flair to a simple look.

I love to wear my hair down and curly, but sometimes it just takes a little extra to spice it up a bit. Half a fishtail braid can do just that, and it brings hair up and out of the way while it’s running errands, running around in school, or in the office.

Half Up Fishtail Braid

  1. Start with a side piece and separate part of the hair on the left side from the part to the ear.
  2. Create a similar section on the right.
  3. Then take both parts and bring them to the back of the head.
  4. Tie the pieces together with a clear rubber band.
  5. Start a fishtail braid by dividing the hair in half.
  6. Take a small piece from one side, cross it over the top and add it to the other.
  7. Now take a small piece from the opposite side, cross over the top and insert it into the other one.
  8. Continue to braid until all hair is braided.
  9. Tight the end with a transparent rubber band.
  10. Loosen the braid by gently pulling the sides.
  11. Carefully cut off the upper rubber band.
  12. Push a hairpin under the top of the braid if it becomes too loose.
  13. Finish with a little hairspray and pull a few face framing strands.

Half Up Fishtail Braid



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