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Half Up High Ponytail

Half Up High Ponytail is the new “do for the fall”. It’s a mix of pompadour hairdo and high ponytail, a chic new half updo.

I love this hairstyle because it feels flirty and girly with a bit of attitude. It reminds me that Barbie often wore her hair. She was the ultimate trendsetter and grew up. Of course, I can not help but love him.

Follow these steps to learn how to get the Half Up High Ponytail:

Half Up High Ponytail

1 / Begin by cutting off a section of hair from the ears to the head.

Half Up High Ponytail

2 / Straighten the hair, brush it straight back so that it creates a clean section.

Half Up High Ponytail

3 / Tighten the section with a transparent rubber band.

Half Up High Ponytail

4 / Release the hair at the top by gently pulling it forward to add volume.

Half Up High Ponytail

5 / Take a small section from below and wrap it around the hair band to hide it. Stick it with a hairpin in place.

Half Up High Ponytail

6 / Peel off some hair in front of the ears to create a softer style.

Half Up High PonytailHalf Up High PonytailHalf Up High PonytailHalf Up High Ponytail



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