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Homemade hairstyles. 100 photos that are at home.

Hausgemachte Frisuren. 100 Fotos, die zu Hause liegen.

Homemade hairstyles. 100 photos that are at home.

Not just a haircut helps to emphasize individuality. This task fits perfectly with the hairstyle. Hair from the middle of the neck, ie of medium length, allows you to create many home hairstyles. Today we will continue to talk about beautiful, handcrafted hairstyling.

Hairstyles, five minutes.

On the basis of these trendy four you can perform many hairstyles. Slightly raised roots of freshly washed hair are already a hairstyle with volume, curly curls with twisted tips – and the retro hairstyle is ready. With the help of a curling iron or large curlers you can turn the whole head. It results in an interesting picture. And it is possible on the basis of them to create the effect of wet hair, why not? A slight disorder on the head is suitable for any home picture. In a side-parted bob haircut, it is fashionable to make twisted curls or release a few strands of the entire hair mass. Looks original and interesting.

On the basis of such a familiar bundle, you can do many interesting home hairstyles. Suffice it to remember that there are high, deep and lateral hairstyles. Very comfortable hairstyle with which you can go to the gym, stay at home and run in the morning – rolls. It looks like a pile, but the strands of it are in different directions. Attach the hair strands with hairpins on the back of the head. Apply the gel at the ends and spread with a brush. Fix varnish. It turns out that the youth is a little naughty and stylish middle hair style, as shown in the photo.

Spit and tails.

Spit – always a stylish and relevant house hairstyle. New weaving allows hair to go in the category of universal. You can make an elegant braided lunette braid on a long bang, on the side that frames your face – many experiments allow you to braid it. The French braids, spikelets and braids vice versa look very nice. If you wash your hair with many pigtails in the evening, you can lay loose hair waves in the morning with the help of hairpins. There are options: fluffy buns, loose hair or the action of wet hair. It is not difficult to tie a knot with a thin scarf or scarf.

The original hairstyle tail will give its owner a cheeky and cheerful look. In this form you can leave the city or make a date. For a hairstyle you have to bring a scarf under the hair and knot, so he does not slip off. It is not worth to take silk or satin towels: these fabrics are the slipperiest. You can make a braid by fixing a weave with a tissue and sticking it in a braid of hair. The scarf should be combined with a dress or contrast to reflect the mood. The tail, both traditional and twisted – a very good hairstyle. To start the house, you have to make an ordinary tail. Then, divide it into two strands from the top of the elastic, thread the ends of the hair into the middle of the elastic. Hairstyle with your own hands and without the help of a hairdresser is ready. It takes a minimum of time and is very interesting.

It takes very little time to create a transformer hairstyle at home: the hair roots should be lifted in volume. Curlers lift off. Dry your hair with your fingers. To dry the hair, one voice tilted and a hair brush held forward to add volume to the hair. To wind hair on large curlers and to dry a hair dryer. Fix the hair with paint. When you add a falling pop to the side, you get a stylish and sexy look. Turned into large curlers, collect in the tail with a special edge with moving parts. Every strand of cock at hand.

For lovers of natural hairstyles styling “Miss Natural” . For her wet clean hair must be combed in one direction, dry, transferred to the other side, dry again. Go down for a few seconds to dry the hair roots of the hair dryer and set it up sharply. It turns out, a nice hairstyle that looks natural. For fixing you can use lacquer.

Homemade hairstyles should be comfortable, simple and fairly resilient so as not to crumble at the most inopportune moments. The hairstyle helps to create the look that reflects the style and character of life along with clothes and shoes. And this, in turn, depends on the degree of self-confidence and attitude of others.

100 hairstyles at home.

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Hausgemachte Frisuren. 100 Fotos, die zu Hause liegen.


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