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How to make hair at home.

Wie man das Haar zu Hause zurecht macht.

How to make hair at home.

Often the owners of even hair tend to twist them and conversely, to have curly locks, they do the level. In this article we would like to tell you how to align long hair, its positive and negative sides, as well as various procedures that are necessary for the proper care of the hair.


1. Straightening in the cabin.
2. Straighten at home.
3. Instruments for leveling hair.

Straightening in the cabin

To keep the effect of straight hair long, you need to contact specialists who process the strands with special professional means.

Wie man das Haar zu Hause zurecht macht.

In the last issue of our women’s magazine we have informed you about the most important features of today’s Keratin hair straightening. Today we continue this theme and offer to talk about two types of professional straightening:

1st Brazilian
2. Japanese

Let’s take a look at each species individually.

Brazilian hair alignment

This type of alignment can cope with any type of hair. Let it be bleached, dyed, which was previously smoothed, or hair of the Caucasian, African or Asian type. In this method, the major product is a hard fibrous protein – keratin. By nature, it is found in the skin, nails and hair. And to perform this method, the introduction of keratin into the structure structure of the hair is carried out using aldehyde.

Wie man das Haar zu Hause zurecht macht.

Thanks to the Brazilian leveling, the fluffiness of the curls is prevented, and above all, this method does not prevent the further curling of the hair with the help of ironing. This type of straightening will serve you for 2-4 months. After that, the hair will gradually take on its former form. This is the main difference to the Japanese straightening, in which the strands are equal only after full regrowth. However, it can be counted for a minus, as the Brazilian orientation is less long-term than that of the Japanese.

Let us discuss the process itself and everything that has to do with this type of procedure. The whole process is the need to introduce keratin into the structural structure of the hair. First, they are washed with salt-free shampoo. Then put Keratin directly on the hair. Keratin then penetrates the hair at 230 degrees with the help of each strand.

After performing this procedure, the head can not be washed or stacked for 72 hours. Immediately after the scheduled time, however, it is necessary to wash the hair with shampoo and conditioner, which contain no sodium in their composition or whose content is minimal. Most importantly, this procedure does not alter the inner structure and outer shell of the hair. All this does not prevent it from getting rid of any damage. Even then, the curls are changed for the better, more obedient, elastic, stronger.

Wie man das Haar zu Hause zurecht macht.

Very important! Careless use of the solution or its further heating may cause eye burns or an unpleasant sensation in the throat. I also want to consider the most important ones. Advantages and disadvantages of this procedure.

Brazilian hair straightening benefits

  • This process can be performed on different hair types. Particularly suitable for this process are those structures that have been previously damaged.
  • Moisturizing and hair restoration is provided.
  • Nothing lets your curls spin or squeeze, neither heat nor moisture.
  • After the procedure, the strands have a natural appearance, and last but not least, their structure is completely preserved.
  • At the end of the scheduled time, the hair takes on its original appearance.

Brazilian level error

  • Price. The product itself is not expensive, but when it comes to the consumer, the price may differ significantly from the original.
  • The duration of the procedure varies in the range of 1-5 hours. All this is based on how thick and thick your hair is.
  • Previously, we stated that it is not allowed to wash or prick the hair for 72 hours immediately after the procedure. And that’s not very convenient and comfortable, and it does not look very attractive.
  • In order to increase the time of the effect of Brazilian leveling, it is necessary to use a shampoo and conditioner that does not contain sodium. These tools can not provide such purity as your favorite laundry detergents.
  • If you wash your hair frequently, it can cause the gradual disappearance of leveling.

Japanese hair alignment

This type of straightening is the longest, it lasts six months. It is important to remember that hair that will regrow over time will usually be wavy. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor this process and make regular corrections, which is not always practical. Next, let’s look at how the alignment process itself proceeds, as well as everything related to this process.

Wie man das Haar zu Hause zurecht macht.

The entire process begins with a thorough hair wash. Then you have to apply a relaxant on the hair. Make sure that it is not on the scalp. After some time it will be washed off, and then straighten the curls with an iron in high temperature mode. Thanks to all these measures, the hair becomes silky shiny. It is important to remember that when you are often exposed to the sun, this brilliance may suddenly disappear.

There is an opinion that after doing this procedure, the hair eventually gets dry. Smoothing of this type can not be applied to weak, brittle, thin or weak hair. Finally, this process can lead to serious damage to the structure. The Japanese orientation differs from the Brazilian one in that this type of procedure does not saturate the hair at all, and also that it is the Japanese straightening that roughly changes the structure of the hair.

Wie man das Haar zu Hause zurecht macht.

Hair straightening at home

To do this with your own hands at home, you must strictly adhere to the following rules.

5 hair straightening rules

1. Washing and moistening . It is important to choose a suitable shampoo and conditioner for your hair. Nowadays, there are a large number of shampoos that can smooth out naughty curls. However, for better results do not forget the enriched nutrition of the strands. After all, only moisturized, living hair will have the most attractive appearance.

2. Preparation for straightening . For a better smoothing effect, apply a smoothing serum after washing, even on damp hair, while gently withdrawing from the roots. It may be in the form of a cream or lotion. And then you can safely get to dry your hair.

Wie man das Haar zu Hause zurecht macht.

3. Drying and Styling Hair is done with a large diameter round brush and hair dryer. Thanks to the hot air of the hair dryer, the strands are smoothed by sticking flakes to the hair column. And the use of round brushes in turn has a pulling effect on the hair during drying.

Before you start to dry, you need to dry it a little with a towel. An important prerequisite – the drying of the hair must begin at the back of the head. After drying with hot air, do not forget to treat your hair with cold air. This will provide a better consolidation of stylish styling and give the curls a greater softness.

4. Protection . Hair can be ironed with ironing and he can damage it again strong. Choose an iron for yourself, do not try to save much as the health of your curls depends on it. Stop your choice on irons, temperature control, as well as a ceramic or tourmaline coating on the working surface of the canvas. Such devices eventually prevent the destruction of the overall structure of the hair as well as the loss of moisture.

Wie man das Haar zu Hause zurecht macht.

Before working with the iron, it is necessary to apply a special thermo-overlay product to the hair, which ensures better fixation of the finished result and prevents it from being damaged.

5. And of course, the last touch – fixation of the hair . Then, after the implementation of all previous correction points, it is necessary to repair the whole thing. To do this, spray a small amount of fixing spray on your hair. And finally, here they are – beautiful, smooth and shiny long-awaited curls.


As hair straightening is very popular in modern society, products for well-groomed curls are becoming more and more popular in its product range. Let’s look at the most important varieties of indispensable equipment for the care of your precious strands. The simplest and most common devices are a hair dryer and a comb.

Wie man das Haar zu Hause zurecht macht.

Before you buy a hairdryer, pay attention to its ability to change the temperature. It is best to pay attention to the hair dryer with an ionizer, because it believes that it practically does not harm the hair, and it does not overdrive. If you travel a lot, it’s better to choose a hairdryer that is compact in size and has the most functionality.

The best form for a hairbrush is round, tunnel. Please note that it is better for smaller hair to choose a comb with bristles made of natural materials. This set of straightening devices is very simple in daily use. First you have to carefully comb the wet strands. Then, with a comb, bit by bit strand by strand, you have to dry all the strands with a hair dryer. But most importantly, you do not use such alignment methods every day because regular use of this method can dry your hair and make it very brittle.

Wie man das Haar zu Hause zurecht macht.

The next device – iron. It is most often used by the owners of very curly, curly and hard hair, which is completely indestructible with a comb and a hair dryer. The working principle is similar to smoothing linen with normal iron. Before beginning alignment, apply a special spray or a home mask to the hair to provide a protective response against the damaging effects of high temperature ironing. Further clamping of the individual strands keeps them over the entire length and thereby straightens the hair. The ironing should be done with a continuous motion, as the lines can remain visible to the naked eye on the curls.

Following this procedure, you should apply a special serum to your already smooth curls. It gives them extra shine. The most important thing: During ironing, the hair must be dry. After all, if you use the iron on the wet curls, you will spoil them very much, and in the future nothing will help to restore their old appearance. There is only one way out – trim your hair and wait for it to grow again. When buying, it is advisable to choose an iron with a ceramic worktop. After all, such devices are considered the least harmless.

Wie man das Haar zu Hause zurecht macht.

Dear girls! We hope we could help you choose the right hair straightening.
We wish you to always stay beautiful! And no matter what your curls – straight or wavy.

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Wie man das Haar zu Hause zurecht macht.

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