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Kare with bangs 2018: How to choose the type of person?

Every car can be combined with a bang regardless of its shape. Only owners of an oval face can afford a variant. The rest of the need to approach this problem carefully.

For square face

Women with a square face type should not have a thick, straight bangs. Your option – asymmetrical pony with side vertex, while the cut line itself is better sloping. Oblique bangs are also suitable for representatives of a round face. The best option for you is a long oblique bang in combination with a longish vintage car. In this case, the high back of the head and the straight front strands will stretch the face visually.

Kare with bangs 2018: Wie wählt man den Typ der Person?

Rectangular face

You can correct a rectangular face with the help of a magnificent pop, and the rounded hair tips of the main hairstyle soften the image and hide the angularity.

Oval face type

Short options with bangs are good for oblong faces. In this case, the bang is better fluffy, but its length can be arbitrary.

Kare with bangs 2018: Wie wählt man den Typ der Person?

Triangular face

Round and oblique bangs are good with a triangular face type. This shape is suitable for those who have wide cheekbones or high frontal area.

A very short bang can be the highlight of a hairstyle, but only those who have no distinct flaws can take this opportunity. Short pony that opens the forehead completely emphasizes the beauty of the face with the right features.

Torn pony

Torn pony fit almost any type of face and look harmonious in combination with a tiered quad. Bangs are not only good with straight hair, wavy curls are best combined with a long bangs on the side.

Straight pony

A smooth square, with a straight cut line, will look good with the same straight bang line, the thicker it is the better. However, this option is preferable for young women, for older women it is better to make long-biased pony.

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Kare with bang needs almost no styling, because it has a clearly shaped look, a round brush and a hair dryer, that’s all you need.

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