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Keratin hair straightening. Reviews "Before" and "After".

Keratin Haarglättung. Bewertungen

Solar ultraviolet, wind, rain, stress – all these factors bring no hair. The hair loses its shine and its elasticity and turns into a lifeless and dull “straw”.

To lay such a “decoration” is very difficult, and the split ends of attractiveness are not added to the creative hairstyle. Restoring alone is a long process, and the only possible solution is to part with damaged hair. And how do you achieve the effect of shiny hair, not lost health? Stylish styling is finally needed every day!

Keratinising – what is it?

There is a procedure for straightening the hair and restoring its structure completely. After smoothing the keratin, you can be proud of smooth, shiny and docile hair again. The structure is uninterrupted and does not change during the session. The method is currently recognized as the safest.

Keratin Haarglättung. Bewertungen

What is keratin smoothing or keratin care? This is a great way to bring back healthy hair and beauty. Restored not only the surface layer. There is a deep recovery that provides an excellent therapeutic effect.

Types of procedures

There are two varieties. The first is American straightening. As part of a special preparation, there is no harmful formaldehyde. However, this has a significant impact on the cost of the process: it is much more expensive than the second method.

Keratin Haarglättung. Bewertungen

The next guy is Brazilian straightening. It is clear that the main drawback is formaldehyde in the composition. A special keratin shampoo and conditioner from the same series are also required. It’s true, nobody forces to vote: Americans or Brazilians. Although it is worth knowing that because of the availability of the Brazilian method salons often offer, despite the fact that the American is considered curative.

Keratin is important for healthy hair. It offers you a good diet and retains a beautiful view. With age, the amount of keratin decreases. The aggressive influence of the environment destroys it. To restore the natural protection, you need keratin care. In a special mass are keratin molecules. They penetrate deep into the cuticle and the structure is restored. The negative effects of harmful external factors and frequent pressures.

Keratin Haarglättung. Bewertungen

Keratinating is not a chemical process. The aroma is pleasant and the effect on the hair is softer. Many manufacturers will exclude formaldehyde from the preparations. Thus, the “conditionally harmless” funds are less and less.

Steps from

If, during chemical straightening, the composition should be kept on the strands with an unpleasant odor for about half an hour, it should not be used on bleached hair, since there is a risk of losing it, then the keratinization of such problems is completely absent. After a few months, however, the hair begins to relax again, as the structure remains the same.

After the reviews, the process usually takes three hours. The duration of the session depends on the length of the hair. First there is a deep cleansing with a special shampoo. It is necessary to clean the hair completely of dirt, residues of styling products, dust. Immediately straightening for a fashionable dye is an unreasonable idea because the shampoo washes out the color and the color quickly fades. It is better to wait a few weeks.

Keratin Haarglättung. Bewertungen

After cleaning, Master begins to apply a keratin that moves from the roots to the tips of the strands. Too dry hair should of course, without the help of a hair dryer or other beauty equipment. A cap is put on the head and after a while they are removed so that the hair can dry out. Use of a hair dryer is permitted, as it is processed with an iron, but not for wet strands. Dry hair is treated with an iron and passes every strand. The temperature of the device is quite high, but the hair is reliably protected by the composition.

Care after holding

For the post-entry you need a special range of products made from shampoo, balm and, on request, homemade masks. Of course you can use your usual ones, but the presence of keratin sulphates is unacceptable in them. Suitable baby shampoos.

Keratin Haarglättung. Bewertungen

Hair washing is prohibited for three days: it is necessary that the hair is well soaked in the composition. Even chewing gum, headbands, pens and glasses can not be worn. In addition, it is forbidden to braid or fix hair. You can not moisten your hair, you should try not to fall under the rain. You should not visit the premises with high humidity: the curls will reappear.

Advantages and disadvantages of keratinization

As with any other process, it is not a one hundred percent joy in the past. This can be seen by reading a large number of customer reviews. Keratin can “stay up” on the hair. In this case, the effect after keratinization is zero. However, this situation is extremely rare, as it is determined by individual characteristics. Some women’s hair immediately starts to roll.

Keratin Haarglättung. Bewertungen

This is due to the poor quality of the composition or insufficient amount of money on the hair. It is possible that this result has caused the wrong care. In any case, the procedure, like the others, requires high-quality behavior and quality tools. Then, if there are no contraindications, everything will be fine.

Keratin hair straightening at home

Home management is also possible. It takes a session for two or three hours. Nachlo is like in the cabin – a thorough cleaning. Shampoo needs special, intense. Be sure to dry your hair thoroughly after the first step. Pure locks absorb the composition much better.

The keratin composition is applied evenly over the entire length. From the roots should be about an inch retreat. Leave the product to work for about 40 minutes, then do not rinse it off with a comb to remove the excess. Dry hair with a hairdryer and a rare tooth comb.

Keratin Haarglättung. Bewertungen

The procedure of home keratinization is completed by dividing the hair into thin strands, about two and a half centimeters, and smoothing it with an iron in two hundred and thirty degrees mode.

As well as after the salon procedure, after the house for the hair you have to follow some rules. And the first is not to wash your hair for three days. No hairpins, bubble gum, causes the formation of wrinkles. If they appear despite all precautions, the iron will help cope with them. Previously dirty hair after three days can be treated with dry shampoo.

Keratin Haarglättung. Bewertungen

In the next few weeks you should not dye your hair. The dye will stretch the keratin and the hair will return to its former state. For maximum effect special tools are needed.

There were difficulties in choosing home-aging products, namely Dikson’s combination of shampoo, bioactive keratin, keratin cream and care oil. It is no more difficult than traditional drugs.

7 Keratin myths

You can talk a lot about keratinization, lean in your favor, or find mistakes.

Keratin Haarglättung. Bewertungen

Are the hair bad?

But there are several myths that distort the image and prevent you from making the right decision. Keratin hair does not spoil. That’s just a myth. The first reason for such problems is the saving of the composition by the master or the omission of individual strands. But the iron was processed all the hair. The result is logical: there was no protection for them, and the processing temperature is quite high. The hair had no chance to escape.

Keratin Haarglättung. Bewertungen

The second reason – the poor quality of the composition. Good ones are expensive and do not damage your health. But the cost of “rubles for a bucket” – that’s one reason to protect. It does not matter what the result will be as the customer will rate the procedure. If there is a similar policy in the cabin, then repeat customers are not important to them: get away, and it’s alright. Those who want to make themselves a beauty queen for a penny.

There is a third reason. Master trite exaggerated and too much keratin. Such an excess interferes with the coupling of the remainder of the keratin to the dandruff, and the hair loses its smoothness.

Does keratinizing constantly?

As a rule, the ladies who choose to keep have fluffy, porous initial and shapeless “hairstyles”. After keratinization, the head is in order: smooth and docile strands fit easily into hairstyles, and they look like images of a fashion magazine.

Keratin Haarglättung. Bewertungen

But the hostess was bored with straight hair and she decided to return the old curls. And here she also forgets which problems have existed before. But the hair is just as before the keratinization! That is, porous, fluffy and informal. And this reality is hard to perceive, to get used to the model head. Is keratin – a miracle pill whose one-time dose will change the hair forever? Of course not, and beauty needs daily support and care. After all, it is impossible to wash ahead for life. But the effect of “straw” keratinization will not.

Branded shampoos – it is uncomfortable and very expensive

It is quite normal that manufacturers only want to promote their products. But the whole trick is that strands do not worry about the cost of laundry detergent. They are much more important in the absence of sulphates.

Keratin Haarglättung. Bewertungen

These tools are not that much, but enough not to look for days on sale. Yes, and the structure of the hair is different for everyone: someone can only use expensive remedies, and someone gets excellent results through the use of known shampoos.

Regrown roots are notable if keratinization is not performed continuously.

Keratin smoothing is not chemical. The structure of the hair remains unchanged and the composition is gradually washed out. The difference between regrown and treated hair is imperceptible.

Keratin Haarglättung. Bewertungen

You only need to wash the shampoos five times with regular shampoos to restore the previous condition.

It will not be possible to release the curls again.

That’s a true myth. After the procedure the hair is soft and lively. So the hair without problems to curling and curlers and curling. The only thing you should not forget is the fact that in wet weather curls are straight. This was the case before keratinization in all owners of straight hair. So there is nothing that could accuse the procedure.

Keratin smoothing damages your health

It is clear that the composition does not contain the healthiest substances. But the Master inhales them, but for himself he has taken precautions, which means that the client is not interested in worsening the well-being of the client, and the gas tends to move up and does not move on the floor.

Keratin Haarglättung. Bewertungen

Yes, and usually the procedure is only allowed with the fan or the organization of a lightweight design. So you do not have to pre-order a gas mask.

There is no difference in the compositions, so why pay more
That is not true. There is a difference even in the expensive drugs. Some are ideal for everyone, while others are only for some, despite the cost. They have another advantage – nutrition, thickening and shine of dry, thin and fluffy strands that do not need straightening.

Keratin Haarglättung. Bewertungen

There are preparations that shine at the highest level, but give the hair an excessive softness. These are only suitable for hard and very thick, fluffy hair with excessive volume. Yes, and the layouts for the same manufacturer are different.

Be careful not to wash your hair for three days or use hairpins.

It turns out, not necessarily! There are compounds that allow washing the next day. And hairpins can be worn almost immediately after leaving the salon. Progress on the spot is not worth it, and the effect will not disappear after applying a similar composition. A warning – this is a necessary measure of the masters who bought the compositions of the “old model”. Do not leave well? So use it.

Keratin Haarglättung. Bewertungen

Everyone chooses themselves to perform any procedures or not. But, if the problems of the hair do not allow it to solve itself, and the appearance of it suffers, then why do not you opt for keratinization? Only you have to trust the master with experience and high qualifications. Then you do not have to worry about the consequences.

All about Keratin hair straightening

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Keratin Haarglättung. Bewertungen


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