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Long Caret 2018 – all kinds

An elongated quadril of a species is made on hairs that are shoulder-length and lower. This haircut can be made regardless of what kind of person you have. Long strands of hair visually stretch the face, adjust the shape and make it almost ideal. The popularity of an elongated version of this haircut is explained by the fact that it can be done with any type of hair. Even sparse and weak hair fits perfectly in the desired shape and additional expert manipulations help to give the haircut the necessary volume.

An elongated quadruplet has several types in turn, which I would like to discuss in more detail.

Four of a classic with extension

The haircut has a large angle of inclination of the cut hair, which results from the strands at the back of the head being cut much shorter than the rest. From the back of the head to the front strands there is a gradual increase in the length of the strands. The greater the difference between the length of the front strands and the strands at the back of the head, the more extravagant the hairstyle looks. This option is more suitable for young girls and women with straight hair.

In our new report, stylists told us what “types of cars with verl fit their face type”.

Long Caret 2018 - alle Arten

Elongated space on the leg

This type of car has a hat shape. The head is cut off and sometimes shaved, rather short. Long strands remain only on the face. Of all types of elongated cars this is probably the shortest. In general, the length of the front strands falls only slightly below the chin.

See in detail: Long “caretaking on one leg we wf your kind of face”

Long Caret 2018 - alle Arten

Asymmetrical car

A very interesting, in my opinion, option is an asymmetrical quad. The angle of inclination of the disc does not begin, as in a normal car, from the back of the head, but from the front sidestream and gradually deeper and deeper, ending with the longest strands of the face on the opposite side.

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Long Caret 2018 - alle Arten

Graduated car

The option Caret, in which the hair is cut off in stages. Graduation refreshes the image and gives the hairstyle more naturalness.

Pretty extravagant version – double caret . In this case, the hair is cut in two rows, which gives the hairstyle an extra volume.

We have described this type of car in detail in a separate article in our journal: Graded “car we w face type”

Long Caret 2018 - alle Arten

The long caret is easy to install. For everyday occasions, it is sufficient to blow the cleaned hair with a hair dryer and to give with a round brush the necessary shape, while the ends of the hair strands are below the hair root.

On ceremonial occasions, the hair can be curled up on a curling iron after the wet strands have been treated with styling foam. Twisted curls, it is enough to comb without the fingers, give the necessary volume, which can be easily fixed with varnish.

You do not know which version of the course is best for you? We help you with our new review: Long “caret how to choose your face type”

We wish you good luck and a nice haircut!

With love, revision


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