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Long Hairstyles in Facial Style – Image Guide

First and foremost, you have to determine your face type correctly. Based on that, you choose the right haircuts.

Long hairstyles for a round face

Let’s start with the beauties of the moon face, the owners of the softest and most feminine face. And yet this shape has an unpleasant nuance: a round face always looks “thick”, even if you “shake the bones” at the same time. Therefore, a haircut, as well as styling should cover the cheeks easily and visually stretch the face. The length of the hair itself will already benefit as it does not add extra volume where it is not needed. A clear separation in the middle also serves to turn the circle into an oval.

It should be avoided:

  • Tufts on the neck without pony;
  • lateral tails and volume behind the ears;
  • even people.

As far as the haircut itself is concerned, ladders and cascades that cover part of the face and especially part of the cheeks will come to the rescue . It is only necessary to make sure that the strands that line the face were long under the chin. If the front strands are shorter, they only accentuate the rounded shape.

Also, do not forget the asymmetry and the torn or slanted pony. Chaotic ruffled hair on the crown will shift the accent and create the necessary complement to the coveted oval.

The worst situation is for the young ladies, whose hair is naturally very curly. Here, of course, the main point will not be so much associated with the haircut, as with the right styling.

The main rule: Let the volume up, down and sides – remove. To do this, you can use mousse and iron, and you can collect hair, shoot side strands on the cheeks. In addition, these strands must straighten the ironing.

Lange Frisuren im Gesichts-Stil - Image Guide

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For square face

Square faces of women attract their authority. Try to win this! People of this form are characterized by excellent massive cheekbones, which they recommend to cover. As well as some “hacked” general perception that should be tempered. The most important piece of advice for a square face can be to avoid any straight lines: whether it’s a straight fat bang, a twist of the face, or a haircut with smooth edges. Smoothness and softness – these are the most important compensation moments.

Therefore, only long curls, trimmed with a ladder and gently falling on the shoulders – ideal . Cascade and shredded bang fit perfectly in this case.

And one more option – asymmetry . Square as geometric shape – very clear and correct. Therefore, even page separation can change the overall perception. And hair of different lengths is even more.

In general, the hairs twisted inside change the square and smooth the corners.

Lange Frisuren im Gesichts-Stil - Image Guide

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Long haircuts for a triangular face

The triangular face has a narrow chin and a fairly wide forehead. And if long hair visually distracts the face, which is already perceived as being quite stretched long, you should avoid three “P’s”: absolutely straight hair, crests, straight vertical strands.

And again the cascade, but now with page separation and compulsory curl inside.

Stepped haircuts with asymmetric styling are also good, for example with an open ear. At the same time it is important to properly stack this haircut. Find out why “the cascade can not be dried upside down”.

Multi-layered ladders with extra volume at the bottom of the hairstyle also become magic wands.

Clear clear straight thick bangs and not the top of the head with extra volume. They do not just emphasize the angularity of the face. But you will look much older.

Lange Frisuren im Gesichts-Stil - Image Guide

Long haircuts for a trapezoidal face

The trapezoidal face is characterized by a downwardly extending and wide cheekbones. This form is also called pear-shaped. Like the wonderful pear fruit, girls with this face look very appetizing. The main thing – to balance the narrow forehead and the big pine. And the volume comes to the rescue at the top of the head.

Curls become reliable allies. In the style of “classic”, side separation on soft curls – all this is a win-win situation. Note, however, that the volume necessarily begins in the root zone.

A ladder with “graduated str> perfectly creates a volume at the top and only goes from bottom to bottom in small increments. Try the option “capped elongated aurora.” This is a kind of cascade with a cap and a volume on top and textured strands underneath.

Lange Frisuren im Gesichts-Stil - Image Guide

Long haircuts for a diamond face

For a diamond-shaped face, it is necessary to visually narrow the cheekbones and to balance the narrow chin and the narrow forehead. And although this shape resembles a lollipop, let him lick his cheek because of the falling strands. Bang only needed that form of face. And it can be absolutely everyone. The main thing is thick, adding volume from the top. And in general it is worthwhile to avoid a direct farewell without a bang. The rest is your choice.

And of course all kinds of curls and grunge styling look great here, the necessary curls make them extremely chaotic and where necessary.

Do not straighten your hair, which emphasizes a too clear transition from the cheekbones to the forehead. If you want to tie a tail, create extra fleece and slight negligence.

For a diamond-shaped face are not only long hair, but also styling with additives: bulky “rims” or headbands. Artificial flowers, bows, crowns and ears – this will distract from the insufficient width of the forehead. And if you’re wearing a wide-brimmed hat, then generally, what you need. By the way, beauties with knitted multi-layer caps and caps are perfect for beauties with such a face shape.

Lange Frisuren im Gesichts-Stil - Image Guide

Long haircuts for an oval face

And finally – the perfect oval. It seems that this shape of the face is going on every haircut. That’s true, but still, argues stylists, the front strands would be best executed at shoulder level. Then the hairstyle will play a completely new style and accentuate your oval. Long straight hair can distract attention from him.

And the whole hairstyle looks better if it does not have a smooth edge. That’s why you can choose: a cascade to curl hair without a bang, a cascade with jawline steps, a graduated version with a milled pop, layered hairstyles, a cascade with no bang, volume creative options with layers of grunge styling, and more more. In short, emphasize the ideal shape of the perfect hairstyle.

And which haircuts are most relevant this season and who are they suitable for?

The clear favorite is the cascade , which corrects “many shapes of the face” depending on the placement of the dividing line, the length of the front strands and the stacking of the cascade.

Lange Frisuren im Gesichts-Stil - Image Guide

All types of pony options only complement long healthy hair and are fully able to change the image. It’s worth remembering:

  • long “straight pony” – a universal option, but for many forms of the face it is preferable in a milled or torn form;
  • Short pony is an echo of the retro style and should fit your look;
  • A long flowing bang helps girls with a round and triangular face to balance out the proportions.

Amazing creative multi-tiered and asymmetrical hairstyles allow you to customize not only the shape of the face, but also significant flaws. If you do not remove the main length, the center of gravity is shifted to the fringes and front strands, which can look good. A short cap and long strands are the hit of the season 2017. How well it will be for a trapezoidal face. But for girls with a square or triangular face, it is better to make asymmetry on one side of the face and to cut out contours from the shape of these geometric figures.

Finally, I would like to say that many forms of the face are suitable hairstyles that have the same name. But at the same time, a small difference in the separation or length of the leading edge can change a girl beyond recognition, both good and bad. So it’s important to find a good specialist. If the Master is ready to go without stating the length and arguing with you to do everything you said, it’s better to look for someone else. In addition, the most important recommendations that you already know.

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