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It is Friday !!!!
Who found these words? Friday should be Yayday. Monday should be Moanday. [That sounds dirty.] Wednesday, Humpday. Or lunch if you are not in the hump. What ever. I’m just happy tomorrow Saturday. Can you imagine that February is almost over? It’s like the dreaded month of the year because it’s so bleak and it’s almost over. It is wonderful. What are you doing this weekend?

I really want to go to an Italian restaurant that I have just learned that Le “nunne hei>. It’s in Logan and I have a secret love affair with the city of Logan. Why do not I just move there? I should. It should be a great meal according to my boss and the owner is Italian, he knows his stuff apparently.

I recently started the TV series Downton Abbey. Did you see it? I’ve heard people swarming about it at work, and when we talk about it, they always say, “Just wait, it’s gonna get better.” Like a crazy dragon jumping out and starting to eat everyone. It’s drama, but it’s not fantastic. Maybe it will be better.

We had roofers in our house for the past two days to protect it from the big storm. We started packing a few things in boxes, especially the necessities in the kitchen, because we did not use wedding gifts because we moved into a house stacked with everything anyone would ever need.

I keep thinking of this new apartment we’re probably going to move into. Probably because we did not sign the lease, but they think it is ours. It’s just expensive. More expensive than I’ve ever paid, and I guess it’s because we pay for two of us instead of having a roommate to share it. It seems a lot and then they pile on utilities, renters insurance, internet and cable. Uh! Curse the technology world we live in, with cable bills and Internet access. Ha, I would die without it. We also have no furniture except our bed. I looked a little bit for a couch online and it seems annoying. Used or new? Black or brown? Leather or microfiber? It makes me want to just lay down on the carpet. *Sigh. Drama on the home front. I should just stop thinking about it and make oatmeal.


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