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Ornate woven updo

Ornate woven updo

Ornate Braided Updo was the best choice of 20 braids try-outs, # 4, and has earned its own tutorial post.

It was originally planned to be included in the 20 Braids for Spring series, but was cut because I did not think you would like the hairstyle that much. Boy, I was wrong, haha!

This hairstyle came about by chance during one night while I was playing with my hair. At the end of the night, when all the make-up is washed away, I finally stand in my bathroom and try out random hairstyles that my mind has devised all day long.

It’s always fun to train and I was excited to share this with you, so I’m glad it was so high!

Let me tell you, I recently dyed my hair a little bit darker. Did you notice? I added a few dark blond strands because I’m still trying to grow my hair out a bit, and I’m giving up the highlights to keep them healthier.

I love to be blonde, but in the end I decided that it was better to have long hair than blond hair. So, tell me, what do you think?

Ornate woven updoOrnate woven updoOrnate woven updo
Ornate woven updo

Here are the steps! ( You knew that was right? ) (:

Step 1 / Start by separating hair from ear to ear in reverse U-shape.

Step 2 / Fix the upper part to work with it later.

Step 3 / With the bottom section facing down, place a few pins over the hair, near the top, to give the rolled part a handle.

Step 4 / Take a 1 “hair piece on the right side and roll your hair up, loop it and slide a needle to secure it.

Step 5 / Repeat step 4 with the rest of the hair until everything is rolled up to create a looped bun.

Step 6 / Next, let the upper part of the hair.

Step 7 / Take a piece of hair near the left ear and divide it into three sections.

Step 8 / Start a braid that cuts every outer strand across the middle.

Step 9 / Bring a strand of hair from the top of the head to create a lace border.

Step 10 / Continue braiding until the braid reaches the right ear and all hair is pulled in.

Step 11 / Braid the hair to a normal braid.

Step 12 / Bind the end with a clear, elastic band.

Step 13 / Now place the braid directly under the braid so that it lies directly over the rolled knot.

Step 14 / Place the pins between the braids to fix them.

Step 15 / Snare the tail back and put it under the braid.

Step 16 / Attach loose parts of the braid.

Step 17 / Next, grab a fun flower clip and slide it onto the right side of the braid, above the knot.

Step 18 / Finish with hairspray and you’re done!

I hope you love the look! I know for sure (:



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