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Pony for a square face – which fit?

This square face is characterized by a fairly broad forehead and a uniform cheek and chin line. This can make it hard and slightly edgy. However, this does not mean that such a face can not be attractive and feminine. Remember the beautiful gender that nature has just given to such a person. Here, at least, Demi Moore and Catherine Zeta-Jones, owners of “square shapes”, enjoy enviable popularity among men. And if you look closely, an unimportant moment of her successful bow is an interesting bang.

Inform “if you recognize your face type correctly>.

First, the options that are most inappropriate should be mentioned.

Pony that DOES NOT fit

  1. Smooth, straight, short cut pony. She’s just going to add lines so that you look more like a brave and strong-willed gladiator and not an elegant young lady. Let’s love it for those who prefer hand-to-hand fighting and look at something else. Especially because smooth bangs are not fashionable now.
  2. Thick pony gives the face massiveness . So it is much more correct to choose ragged, melirovanye or graduated options.
  3. Smooth, dense hair components of a “smooth” pop do indeed have the same effect – making the picture heavier. If your hair is inherently thick and naughty, you should make a bang with torn edges and profile it.

Pony für ein quadratisches Gesicht - welche passen?Pony für ein quadratisches Gesicht - welche passen?

What is the best option?

  1. Focus on the right length. It is impossible for the bang to end at the jaw and emphasize its angularity. Mostly options are selected before that. But you should look at the elongated pony falling under the chin. They perfectly add smoothness to the contours of the face and make it easy to pull out visually.
  2. Bevel cuts and asymmetry. This is a panacea for the place! Each asymmetry visually changes the proportions. And elongated oblique milled pony adds softness and elegance. See our magazine: Oblique “pony and trendy options for haircuts>.
  3. Curls and curls. This also gives the picture femininity. By tautening the pony inside, we “round” the cut lines, emphasizing softness and femininity. Same goes for all sorts of waves and slightly twisted grunge styling. The only thing to be careful of is the retro styling with a fold outwards. This bang can visually expand the already wide forehead. So it should be abandoned.

Pony für ein quadratisches Gesicht - welche passen?Pony für ein quadratisches Gesicht - welche passen?Pony für ein quadratisches Gesicht - welche passen?Pony für ein quadratisches Gesicht - welche passen?

You can also pop. But, completely open the forehead is not worth it. It is better to brush it lightly on the side and put a nice hairpin or multicolored invisible pattern across.

So, as you can see, girls with a square face can safely wear bangs. And they can easily adjust the look. And if you want something special, add a little highlighting or coloring. You can do a few contrasting strands just on the pony. The main thing is not to forget at the same time, wink at your fate.

With love, revision

Pony für ein quadratisches Gesicht - welche passen?


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