Short Hairstyle Ideas 2019

Short Blonde Hairstyle Inspiration 2019

Blonde hair colors have become more dominant, especially after the tendency to cut hair too short. Women dye their short haircuts in blond hair colors to take the harshness of their cuts and refresh their shadows. If you’ve just cut your hair into a trendy short hairstyle, then make it fancier to get a hot inspiration from short blonde hairstyles for 2019 .

Short Blonde Hairstyle Inspiration 2019 Short Blonde Pixie Haircut

Most pixie hairstyles are hard for women. Therefore, stylists recommend dyeing hair in light hair colors and emphasizing it with subtle tones. Even the simplest shade of platinum blonde is enough to take your pixie cut to the next level, but if you’re looking for something more interesting, you can color your short curls in warmer blonds and highlights, keeping the roots a bit dark and fresh. Short Blonde Hairstyle Inspiration 2019 Short Blonde Bob Hairstyle

Welcome blonde hair colors if you have a short bob haircut. This haircut becomes more elegant and charming with the help of monotone blond hair colors like yellowish platinum, flax blond, butter, gold and honey. Whatever your choice, the result should be flattering with your skin tone. Try to create a natural combination between your hair color and complexion. Short Blonde Hairstyle Inspiration 2019 Short curly blonde hairstyle

First look at this hairstyle and then think about possible solutions to achieve that. It’s a trendy short curly hairstyle with mohawk effect. You can style it with curling tools, but keep in mind that the best result can only be achieved in light hair colors. So, first dye your hair in a light blonde color and then start to make voluminous and festive curls. The best thing about this curly hairstyle is that it’s a mix of daring and subtle twists that are both girly and edgy. Short Blonde Hairstyle Inspiration 2019 Short blonde curly bob hairstyle

Consider this curly bob hairstyle if the previous one is too edgy for you. A short blonde curly bob hairstyle with amazing volume and texture can become softer and daintier with a fresh blonde tint. Even faded blond hair colors have the power to soften such short haircuts. If you have natural curls, you always dream of fresher and more comfortable haircuts. This is the best example of a short bob haircut for curls. Short Blonde Hairstyle Inspiration 2019 Short Blonde Undercut Hairstyle

Do you like undercuts? Well, you yourself notice how young they are for women, but if you really want to, then you should also think of a suitable light shade to bring it to the possible girlish level. What about a light platinum blonde hair color? It will ideally embrace your short undercut hairstyle, which provides it with added beauty and attractiveness. If you want a two-tone hair color, you can combine it with a light brown color. Short Blonde Hairstyle Inspiration 2019


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