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Short haircuts in 2018 after 50 years – matching options

Properly chosen hairstyle is one of the keys to success in women’s struggle for their appeal. In addition, the haircut can visually rejuvenate the lady for several years. If you manage to grow long hair, then age is no reason to trim it. It is a mistake to assume that the length of the hair can make an old woman out of a woman, but it is rare for anyone to keep their hair thick and healthy until the age of fifty. If you do not succeed and your hair looks dull and lifeless, it is best to cut it and make a nice short haircut.

A shortened bob is ideal

Among the short haircuts I would recommend to women over fifty, this is primarily a shortened bean. This haircut is good because it can hide some age-related changes while maintaining hair length. A short bob is made with a high neck and a lush mop at the top of the head. I advise you to give up the pony completely, otherwise it will look like flirting with age. It is better to make a side vertex, it always looks very stylish.

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Kurze Haarschnitte im Jahr 2018 nach 50 Jahren - passende Optionen


The bravest ladies can not be afraid of ultrashort haircuts like Pixies, but they still make them better for those who managed to maintain the right face shape. Barely hanging cheeks or a double chin should be demonstrated to others openly.

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Kurze Haarschnitte im Jahr 2018 nach 50 Jahren - passende Optionen


The Garson haircut is very suitable for Balzac age ladies. Graduation and the lack of clean lines haircut, as well as possible mask the calendar age, I advise you not to give up this option.

Kurze Haarschnitte im Jahr 2018 nach 50 Jahren - passende Optionen

In general, short haircuts are very popular “under the boy”, especially with graduations, among adult businesswomen. And that’s understandable, they allow you to quickly and easily cope with the styling and give the hairstyle the desired shape. Short hairstyles are suitable for women with a tight figure who care for themselves.

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Not too bright make-up and a friendly smile complete the picture created with the help of a haircut. Now you will definitely be young and charming and forget how old you are.

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