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Short Pony – how to choose the type of person

Many believe that this element of hair is only suitable for young and courageous women, especially when it comes to short and ragged options. Maybe that makes sense, but very often, namely, the bang will allow you to fold a few or even a dozen years, albeit visually. Maybe you should not give it up, but it’s better to try to choose the right option?

Choosing a face-type bang, at first sight, is a simple task if you do not take into account all the contraindications. Such as the structure and quality of the hair, the size of the forehead and the shape of the chin, the severity of the cheekbones and even the size of the nose.

Short Pony - wie wählt man den Typ der Person?

Who is exactly a quick bang?

This is a brave option, and before you decide, we ask ourselves: For whom is the short bang? To achieve the perfect look, many components must be considered. Let’s start with the most important. So, for women, with what kind of face is a short bang not contraindicated?

Especially for those who have an oval face. These happy women can generally carry any bang, if only there are no other reasons to refuse. Possible options – short pony on the side, straight or oblique.

Short Pony - wie wählt man den Typ der Person?

Who is NOT suitable?

This option is strictly contraindicated for women with a triangular or rectangular face as it can further emphasize the mismatch in size. But – this is a great opportunity for those who have a pear-shaped face. A very short pony with jagged edges is a good opportunity to stretch a round face. And it also looks good with a heart-shaped shape.

Visually, a square area can also be pulled out with a short bang, but in this case the approach should be individual, as a straight line can further emphasize the angularity of the face.

With the help of a short bang, it is possible to easily correct the shape of a diamond-shaped face, although this is much easier with an extended version.

What haircuts

Two common types of haircuts are short bangs with long hair. The photo shows how bright and bold it looks. Ideal for young and energetic girls.

And the second option is a short bang with a square. This will give us a more serious and bitchier image, says a vampire.

Short Pony - wie wählt man den Typ der Person?Short Pony - wie wählt man den Typ der Person?Short Pony - wie wählt man den Typ der Person?Short Pony - wie wählt man den Typ der Person?

W% C3% “Make a suitable bang for your style of face” in our report by stylists.

Short Pony – a very bold option that draws attention to the person as a whole and to their individual parts. Therefore, you can only choose it as self-confident women. It is hardly suitable for those who have big facial features, big foreheads or a very small nose. Choose a hairstyle, remember, harmony should be in everything, only then it brings joy.

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