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Shushushu – fashionable hair color. 20 photos.

Shushush - modische Haarfarbe. 20 Fotos.

Coloring – the best way to change the picture without a radical change in the color of your hair. And the technician for color change in the modern beauty industry is a lot. Some are ideal for all types of hair, others are only suitable for certain types and tones.

But there are some technologies that have gained popularity and enjoyed the long-deserved recognition. Among such techniques is Shatush. Shushush staining technique is important for every hair color. But there are also nuances of such a popular option.

Shushush - modische Haarfarbe. 20 Fotos.

Shushush: Who is the appropriate technique?

Ombre, coloring, trash, Mamesch – from the name of the head spin! But to understand them and to understand what the differences are and how good this or that is different is the problem. Shushush hair is a fashionable look and looks very impressive. But who is this color suitable, and who should refrain – the question.

Technology is not universal. Of course, blondes can benefit from it, but the best option is dark, auburn or black hair. In this case, the coloring looks very, very impressive. It is counterproductive and meaningless for short strands, since such a coloring is not noticeable. Yes, and only in exceptional cases does it look good for a short haircut.

Shushush - modische Haarfarbe. 20 Fotos.

Original hairstyle with light hair color is not an option for everyone. Naturalness and trend and much more fashionistas. And in this case, Shatush is the best option. If the master has done the coloring, the result will be a great look of the hair. Separate locks as without hairdressing work faded in the sunlight.

Shushush – a kind of highlighting, color expansion. To carry out the work neither a cap nor a foil is required. These are the main differences to conventional techniques. The paint works outdoors, more precisely on the randomly selected locks. An entry from the roots, however, is required.

Shushush - modische Haarfarbe. 20 Fotos.

Benefits of Shatush staining

For gray hair, which occupies about one third of the total surface of the hair equipment, is preferred. There are no sharp contrasts and the strands look natural.

With a lack of volume hair Shatush transform hair, making it a multi-layered and fluffy. If the embodiment of the fictitious adheres to all rules, the color transitions look spectacular, flowing from dark to bright. The lighting does not matter: nice shades look good anyway.

Shushush - modische Haarfarbe. 20 Fotos.

Never adjust the color. After a few months, you can color the roots. Such an interval is also beneficial in terms of budget, and healthy strands last longer.

Stylish hairstyle is preserved even with regrown roots. Correctly placed accents make for spectacular hairstyles with simple styling. Making the face with differently colored strands distracts attention from defects in appearance and hides skin defects. But all advantages are favorably underlined.

Shushush - modische Haarfarbe. 20 Fotos.

Nuances of Shatush stain

Normally, the master chooses four tones for Shatush, ideally in harmony with each other. Since they are all in a single color palette, the naturalness of the colored hair is given. It seems that the master does not intervene: The hairstyle is written by the sun.

But anyway, holding requires both experience and attention. It is important to use the clarifier not near the roots but with a small depression. All hair is divided into small strands that fix each clip. Overlay color – only after a light stack. Their task is to ensure the naturalness of mature root areas.

Shushush - modische Haarfarbe. 20 Fotos.

Since neither the foil nor the thermal caps are used, the master of choice approaches to set the accents of dark and light tones individually. Correct dyeing is a consideration of the features of the appearance, natural hair and condition of the strand.

Since the Shatush wins most on a dark head hair, the fiery-red hair-of-nature headache causes some difficulty. If the initial tone is too bright, a slight darkening is recommended. The strand around the face has to be light. This is a feature of the technology.

Shushush - modische Haarfarbe. 20 Fotos.

For correct combing, the hairbrush with frequent teeth is selected. For the distribution of color on the strands needs a brush. The paint does not last long on the paint and the strand does not damage the condition. Yes, and adjust the hairstyle will be rare. But without experience it is difficult to perform Shatush independently. For the first time, it is recommended to use the services of a master with experience.

Shushush in the cabin

Thus, randomly selected strands with wells are stained by the roots. The stack determines its size. The little strands into which the master shares the whole mass of curls are no wider than a few inches. They are fastened with clips and every ponyad is combed. In addition, a clarifier is applied lengthwise to shade the color. Preparation of the composition – an individual matter. It is necessary to consider the type of hair and the health of the hair, and not to forget about the end result.

Shushush - modische Haarfarbe. 20 Fotos.

Time rinse composition also determines the master for the desired result. After rinsing, the selected color begins to tone. Color is allowed to use natural and artificial. Roots – a darker shadow than the length of the entire strand. At the time, the procedure takes about two-thirds of an hour, which is less than highlighting the ordinary. And at this time, the application of the color mixture is included. The result – chaotically twisted – curves without abrupt transitions. But only an experienced master can deliver such a result. It is necessary to consider the time of the whitening process, the composition of the color mixture and even the necessary pressure of the brush and the drawing of the strands.

Shushush - modische Haarfarbe. 20 Fotos.

Visually, the tone becomes rich and deep, and the hairstyle looks more prominent. The technique is suitable for masking regrowing roots, gray hair in an amount not exceeding forty percent of the total curl mass.

Before dyeing it is important to get healthy hair. Do a course of oil packs and regenerating masks. Such care reduces the damage to the dye strands and strengthens the hair roots. Before stripping, no strands of hair should be visible on the hairline: they prevent an even distribution of the color. To protect the hair from sebum, it is desirable to stroke the hair that was washed one or two days ago.

Shushush - modische Haarfarbe. 20 Fotos.

Split thin tips optimally cut: the beauty of the hair, they will not add. If the hair was previously painted, then it is necessary in preparation to align it in length. Choose the main color. A pre-test of the reaction is carried out to prevent the negative effects of the process.

Regardless of the natural tone, the difference between the colors is not allowed to exceed two tones. Can be painted in lighter or darker colors than the original. The choice of the master – one tone or more, but from a single palette.

Shushush - modische Haarfarbe. 20 Fotos.

sound selection

Close to the face, the locks remain lighter and the upper locks get a bigger burnout effect. No clarification is required for the occipital zone, so toning is minimal.

Toner is applied after rinsing the brightener by mixing over the surface of the strand. Sometimes you can get along without building muscle. For example, if the color came out in such a way that it was planned. But when roots are colored in darker tones, a bright contrast is achieved, and in this case, toning is an optional step.

Shushush - modische Haarfarbe. 20 Fotos.

On the dark head of the hair are good colors of red, gold and chestnut, close to the natural tone. A selection of reds is possible: their modulations look very impressive.

Bright red hair – a difficult case for Shatush. Burnout such strands are not subject. But the combination of light brown, blond hair and scorched dark curls is amazingly spectacular. For painting gray hair suitable lighter tones. It does not matter to the basic hair color. This makes the gray invisible and the effect of rejuvenation.

Shushush - modische Haarfarbe. 20 Fotos.

When painting Shatush, the width of the strand is small, but the shape is arbitrary. The location is both symmetrical and unpredictable. Coloring – from monophone to colorful. Natural clay is given by coloring in the open air, without foil. Strands that are not to be dyed are smoothed by ironing.

Opportunities shatush

With the help of Shatush it is possible to remove the unwanted effect of the unsuccessful coloring. The mixture is shaded in length and allowed to act for a few minutes. Next, knead the paint with your hands and massage it well into the curls. When the desired tone is achieved, the color must be washed away immediately so that the tone does not change drastically.

Shushush - modische Haarfarbe. 20 Fotos.

To disguise gray hair, the whole mass of curls is divided into two parts, each divided in two diagonally. The color composition is applied from the neck, whereby the strands are raised vertically. Gray it is important to work well, because the mixture is cooked thick.

Whiskey and sides – most of the dye. It is difficult to lighten the already painted hair, since the composition is washed unevenly. The roots finally stay lighter. Uniformity with color uses a nine percent brightener. But do not leave the maximum amount of time on the strings, so as not to hurt them.

Brighten to get as close as possible to the desired color. If gray-haired curls with regrowing roots, there is no point in repainting them, and the use of Shatush will produce a general tone.

Shushush - modische Haarfarbe. 20 Fotos.

The mixture is applied in length, from root to tip. The tips are processed more heavily. The color of the suspension gives a natural and blurred border. Different hair – different results. Determines the result of the initial tone and condition of the hair.

Despite the modern technologies for the production of dyes, one should not forget about allergy tests. So the test is a mandatory phase.

Types of Shatush

Technician staining some. In the classical method with a pile, the stretching of the clay is ensured by a basal pile. Strands should not exceed the width of one centimeter. Next, a lightening compound is applied to the curls and the curls are stroked as desired following the main tone procedure.

Shushush - modische Haarfarbe. 20 Fotos.

Without a fleece, the master creates an experienced shade, as the technique must be filigree. Line is similar to highlight, but without slide. At home, foil is needed to define the edges. Curls divide the vertical part and fix the upper part. Loose weave in pigtails of eight centimeters, determines the length of the desired result. After fixing the strands with rubber bands, paint is applied to the remaining tails. The colored curls are wrapped in foil and left for thirty-five minutes. Then the composition is washed off and donated.

Shushush - modische Haarfarbe. 20 Fotos.

Keeping Shatush at home is risky with no experience. But with certain skills, why not? You need a balm tonic, a comb, a brush, a container for paint and gloves.

The base clay is applied to the locks and held from half an hour to two thirds of an hour, washing and drying the tresses. Common comb combs many curls into curls, combed from the middle strands to the root. The clarifier is applied in large strokes. It is not necessary to paint the whole mass of curls. A third hour left on the lines, the composition is washed off.

Shushush - modische Haarfarbe. 20 Fotos.

For a toning compound, one teaspoon of toner is diluted in one liter of water, stirred and rinsed. In all conditions, the house color is indistinguishable from the salon.

Difficult technique Shatush

The hardest part is picking up the notes. Therefore, ownership must be entrusted to the master – the output is optimal. Solving the problem of alternating strands is also very important in advance.

Shushush - modische Haarfarbe. 20 Fotos.

When dyeing, it is possible to use shading agents. Popular tones are beige, pearl, gold, nut, wheat, ashes.

With short hair, holding lasts two-thirds of an hour, with long hair – one and a half hours. The duration also depends on the number of tones.

Such a coloring with bright colors looks very impressive, but you should not be carried away by the riot of colors: a measure is necessary in everything.

Shushush - modische Haarfarbe. 20 Fotos.

When shatush is held on blonde hair, it is impossible to do without toning to create visible boundaries: it is very difficult to notice without coloring it.

The technique is especially shown to the strands of the weak and thin: After the procedure, the hairstyle volume is obtained. If the condition of the hair leaves much to be desired, a temporary restoration is necessary.

Professional tools affect the bulb minimally and practically do not damage the structure of the hair. But for at least ten days, it is recommended to perform hydration and nutrition using masks, balms and lotions for the hair.

Shushush - modische Haarfarbe. 20 Fotos.

Even if the packaging does not mention ammonia, it may well be included in the composition. The difference is only in percent. Shushush looks very natural and seems easy to perform. But the impression is deceptive: technology is one of the most complex. To achieve the best results, it is best to paint in the salon and a professional, using only quality products. And to do a haircut after work is worth removing the split ends. Yes, and definitely do it by the master of coloring. Fashionable and spectacular hairstyle is the finishing touch in a new elegant look.

Stylish hair color Shatush

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Shushush - modische Haarfarbe. 20 Fotos.


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