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Sideswept Mini Dutch Braid

Sideswept Mini Dutch BraidSideswept Mini Dutch BraidSideswept Mini Dutch BraidSideswept Mini Dutch Braid
Of course, on days when I do not want to use heat on my hair, I collect everything in one hand and brush it over my shoulder. I will never know where this tendency comes from, but over the shoulder can be a difficult task. However, with this pretty mini plait he keeps the hair slightly to the side and gives it a little flair.

The braid is an inverted French braid (or Dutch braid) and starts just above the left ear. It runs to the neck and over the back and follows the lower hairline. Secured with a rubber band, it stays brushed with the rest of the hair over your right shoulder and looks fabulous on days when you want to add a little pizzaz without heat.

I hope you will try it! Thank you for reading!



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