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Spiral head braid

Spiral head braid
Spiral head braid
Spiral head braid
Spiral head braid
Spiral head braid
Spiral head braid

Yay! I wanted to do this braid for months, but whenever I tried it on myself, I could not really understand it. It was just too difficult to hold the part with the braid while spiraling. Geez, it was so funny to make this braid and Sarah was such a great sport that allowed me to try it on her beautiful red curls. This girl is seriously so happy to have this hair. She always rolls our eyes because we never forget to remind her.

Quote of the Day:

[I pulled an orange juice from the fridge and said:]

Me: “Hey, are you open this?”
AJ: “No, have you?”
Me: “No, I do not.”
AJ: Are you sure?
Me: “Yes, positive. We already bought it open? What should we do?”
AJ: “We can take it back.”
Me: “Do you really want to?”
AJ: “Yes”

[A little later we start our evening walk with the Gooch. Afterwards, on the way back inside

Me: “Hey, let’s get some cereal in the store.”
AJ: “Right now?”
Me: “Yes, I just thought about it.”

[So we get in the car, drive to the store, buy a lot of other stuff, pick up our bags and go]

Me: “Oh damn, we forgot to get Gucci goodies.”

[Goes out the doors of the store]

Me: “Shoot, we should have bought some water.”

[To drive back home]

Me: “Dang, I wish I had got some avocados.”

[We go up the stairs and into the apartment, see the opened juice on the counter]

Me: “Oh no, we forgot to take the juice back.”

AJ: “Well, that was an epic failure.”
Me: “What, the juice?”
AJ: “No, this whole trip!”



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