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Strengthen 6 women through their hairstyles

They always say that your hair is your crowning glory. For women, this often meant long, voluptuous curls – the kind you see on the head of a princess or a girl in need. Everything else was frowned upon or deemed too inconspicuous. Even a study by Croatian researchers has shown that men find women with long hair more attractive.

This has caused many women to take a double take before jumping and trying a new hairstyle. However, as trends and tides change, women are no longer limited to “girly” haircuts, nor do they let men’s perceptions determine their choices. Next time you visit your salon, think about the reason why you are going through that door, and make sure you do not cut it for anyone but yourself.

It is refreshing

If you rut yourself in an office, maybe your way is to shake your gaze. It can not erase your problems, but it can provide you with the energy you need to approach life from a different perspective. Consider the iconic Roman holiday scene when the figure of Audrey Hepburn walks into a barbershop and cuts off her hair to celebrate her newfound freedom. This is also the haircut that made her a superstar and shows that good things can come from daring choices.

Strengthen 6 women through their hairstyles

It can be symbolic

Similar to getting a tattoo after a monumental moment of life, having a haircut can bring psychological relief. It could just be hair that cuts you off, but sometimes it feels a lot more. In an article about Bustle, several women were presented in a pop-up hair salon, all of whom agreed that cutting their hair would be a way to introduce a new chapter and present themselves as a new person. “I feel lighter, I think,” said Stephanie Pendleton, a client at the Scissors and Clippers hairdressing salon. “It’s not as if my hair would strain me. It’s just the way I’ve been complaining for the last few years, so I cut it off to restart my life. ”

For Riverdale star Asha Bromfield, her source of strengthening came in the form of letting her natural hair down. She told Kiss Ottawa that she wanted to iron her afro with an iron most of her life. Just recently, she was proud to be persuaded by fellow fellow stars Ashleigh Murray and Hayley Law. “For 22 years, I tried to get my hair to do something it was never done for and frankly, I never wanted it,” she said. “I stopped running in front of myself, and within my hair, I broke free. I have never felt “I” in my life. ”

Strengthen 6 women through their hairstyles

It defies norms

Women have dyed their hair screaming purple or neon green. but they still have to cause as much attention as the Buzz Cut . When this haircut turned out to be a booming Hollywood trend in the 1980s, he made the final statement that continues today. Grace Jones and Kristen Stewart prove that women with or without hair can be beautiful.

Strengthen 6 women through their hairstyles

On the other hand, thanks to athletes like footballer Megan Rapinoe, androgyny has also begun to establish itself in the mainstream sport with its pronounced platinum pixie. Let’s not forget the legendary boxer Nicola Adams, who also waves with his typical Mohawk. The two-time Olympic gold medalist recently became professional and was such an inspiration that even Mattel received attention. The doll company has been setting up Adam’s own Barbie doll, which is a huge departure from the blond-haired Barbie with whom we grew up. Undoubtedly, these women destroy clichés and break boundaries in and out of the sports arena.

Strengthen 6 women through their hairstyles

It allows you to be true to yourself

Many women have to change their natural hair in favor of things accepted in society. For example, mature women are ashamed of their graying hair. For Yogatherapeut and model Claudine Penedo the hugging of her silver curls was an act of defiance. By depositing the dye, she felt that she no longer had to try so hard to achieve a “youthful appearance.” “Being my true self meant that I would not hide who I was,” she said. Penedo is just one of many women who oppose the anti-aging agenda that has long brought the beauty industry and the media to market.

Strengthen 6 women through their hairstyles

It makes a statement

If you have always dreamed of rocking a bed of unicorn hair, but hesitated for all the glances you may see, take the cue from Alicia Keys. We all know that the R & B singer does not let her natural glow get boring. She was always unapologetic herself and experimented with different hairstyles throughout her career – despite some eyebrows. Not only did she return to her roots with a few plaits last year, but decided to color her in a rich pink and blue. They turned a few heads, but in the manner of Alicia Keys it did not matter because she had it completely. Likewise, you should not be afraid to make a statement in the color of your choice. It is an expression that shows people that you are not afraid to be yourself.

Strengthen 6 women through their hairstyles

It could look like a haircut, but it is unique. It can make a big difference to your attitude in life. It’s 2019 and society has made women think that they should look and act in a particular direction for far too long. Reclaiming your hairstyle is the ultimate act of strengthening.


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