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The best options for short hairstyles for women

Die besten Optionen für kurze Frisuren für Frauen Would you like to update your look and look for short hairstyles? We have put together the most beautiful hairstyles for short hair for every taste – as you know, a woman over 40 is unlikely to wear the same hairstyle as a 10th grader.

If you are wondering what kind of hairstyle can be done on short hair, then study a selection of photos – we’ve collected shorts for you with photos and videos – so you can not only see beautiful short hairstyles, but also interesting short haircuts for yourself and your close.

What is the difference between short hair hairstyles for women and men or children? In most cases, short haircuts for men and children are simply a uniform hairstyle for short hair that is comfortable to do, easy to brush, and does not have to be styled.

Bang lovers

Fashionable hairstyles for short hair with bangs – that’s not a myth. Gone are the days when pony was made just for kids – now with the help of pony you can completely change the geometry of the face, and fashionable short feminine styling with pony hits us almost everywhere.

Die besten Optionen für kurze Frisuren für Frauen
Some ladies say that the bang does not go to them, but in reality it’s nothing but empty talk – there are many types of pony, it can be stacked in different ways, and there are cannons of any age. How to understand if you need a bang:

  • They are ready to do their styling;
  • You know how to care for your skin (the presence of pony often spoils the skin on the forehead – less oxygen);
  • you have docile hair or you fit well after a haircut;
  • They want to visually lose about ten years – many women over 40 would like to hide their foreheads, and the forehead is the best way to do so.

What are the advantages of simple hairstyles with bangs? Above all, they do not need to be laid (except for the bang itself) – just wash and comb your hair, the neat styling of the bang will do its job and even if it’s a mess, it will look stylish.

Die besten Optionen für kurze Frisuren für Frauen
Consider the length for your pony to be:

  • very short (do not even reach the middle of the forehead);
  • medium length (only to the eyebrow line);
  • oblong (below the eyebrow line);
  • very long (below the tip of the nose).

Even stylish short haircuts look completely different in different thick pony shapes, it makes sense and pays attention to the geometry of the entire haircut – individual elements must not be out of place.


Many girls are interested in hairstyles for very short hair – by the way, they are worn by adult women (from 40 years) and very young fashionable women. Ultra-length offers light hairstyles for short hair – imagine, you do not have to style the hair to your hair, it will be enough to wash and dry your hair.

By the way, if you want, you can also make an interesting styling at an ultra-short length – for example, if you use colored hair foam, decorative crayons and styling products with the addition of mother of pearl and glitter.

Die besten Optionen für kurze Frisuren für Frauen
The ultrashort length is not necessarily a shaved skull. For example, a fashionable men’s undercut haircut looks good on women. There are, however, some nuances.

Short haircuts look good if they match the overall style. It will look very ridiculous to look for military hairstyle in combination with an airy dress in ruffles. Similarly, a girl who wears heavy shoes and does not emphasize her femininity features will look a little funny with an elf’s haircut.

Die besten Optionen für kurze Frisuren für Frauen
Die besten Optionen für kurze Frisuren für Frauen
Die besten Optionen für kurze Frisuren für Frauen
Die besten Optionen für kurze Frisuren für Frauen

Do not forget the type of hair. Best suited for ultra-short hairstyles are dense, heavy hair that retains the shape without any styling, they can shave a shaggy edge, graduation and even decorative items. For ladies with soft hair, it makes sense to look at the hairstyles gently and on the fly, changing their shape with each turn of the head.

Die besten Optionen für kurze Frisuren für Frauen

We adapt ourselves

Which short haircuts are suitable for self-styling? In the first place, of course ultrashort haircuts – look at what a variety of styles and shapes is possible! Here, at the age of 40, women find something for themselves and the gentle nymphs – high school students. Ultra-length requires regular washing, and if you choose the option with a bang, you can only wash the bang daily (it gets the most dirty).

Die besten Optionen für kurze Frisuren für Frauen
Evening hairstyles for short hair at home can also be done. First, fill in with styling tools and styling tools and then choose a beautiful image – with living flowers or fancy rhinestone nets, decorative feathers and all sorts of hairpins.

Do not overload your hair with a large number of accessories – try taking a selfie and look after it for a few hours so you can judge your appearance more impartially.

Die besten Optionen für kurze Frisuren für Frauen

The simplest hairstyles for short hair everyday are Bob and Bob, if your hair is docile and the haircut is well done, then these simple hairstyles do not even have to be styled.

But if you want to say it, make it easier than ever – you can open every video hour or act on inspiration. First of all, you can only style clean hair – if you manipulate with a stale head, the hair gets greasy very quickly.

Die besten Optionen für kurze Frisuren für Frauen
A lot of hair should be combed well, if necessary, carefully divided into separations. For the following steps you will need a nourishing styling product (eg a gentle foam or a normal styling powder), a round comb and a hair dryer.

It is necessary to moisten the hair with a styling agent, to lift it from the root, to pull it out, to dry it with a hair dryer (this will achieve the perfect smooth texture), and then curl the top slightly.

It is better to do these actions from top to bottom, making sure each new strand harmonizes with the previous one.

Die besten Optionen für kurze Frisuren für Frauen

Die besten Optionen für kurze Frisuren für Frauen

Die besten Optionen für kurze Frisuren für Frauen

The video tutorial shows in detail how to weave such braids:

What hairstyles for short hair with your own hands can be made when the time is just a few minutes? It also happens that you need to complete your look as soon as possible, in just a few minutes. How can this be done with a short hairline?

Lightly smear your fingers with water and literally rub a drop of styling product with them and crumble your hair – giving you a light yet carefree style. By the way, stylish Hollywood stars do not despise this way of embarrassing.

Die besten Optionen für kurze Frisuren für Frauen

If you’re thinking about how to make a short hairstyle haircut for a party, look at the options with sequins and a little fleece – the volume combined with the sheen of sequins just looks gorgeous and goes well with almost any dress. An added plus of this hairstyle is that you do not have to correct it, it can keep its shape throughout the evening (of course, if you do not choose to dive into the pool).

Die besten Optionen für kurze Frisuren für Frauen

Beautiful and unusual hairstyles for all ages

See how you can make stylish and beautiful styling step by step – in most cases you only need a styling foam and a few invisible women.

Interesting short haircuts are obtained on melirovannyh hair – a drop in shades creates an unsurpassed effect of volume and 3D drawing, so think about it – if you’re attracted to short haircuts, does it make sense then to make highlights?

Die besten Optionen für kurze Frisuren für Frauen

You should not choose high-contrast colors (of course, if you’re not a fanatical fan), but a slight retreat in two or three shades will help get the volume you want.

Die besten Optionen für kurze Frisuren für Frauen
In addition to highlighting, you can also think about coloring and artistic coloring. It seems to some ladies that after 40 years it is not right to wear light hair, but there is a very fine line here – it is indecent to wear bright colors that are not typical of hair after 40 years.

It’s better to replace orange and lush green with a little bit of maroon – modern dyeing techniques allow you to dye your hair imperceptibly and brightly at the same time.

The color does not change drastically, but there is a sense of depth, overflow and sparks – at least in 40 years, at least at a higher age.

And here – unusual short hair styling in 2019. By the way, do not forget that this year’s patron of the Chinese calendar is an earthly pig, which means fashionable short hairstyles can be decorated with bright colors, including colors and woodwork.

Do you like strict female hairstyles? Then the next styling will certainly interest you, because these are fashionable hairstyles for business ladies who want to look solid.

In addition to business hairstyles, many are also interested in romantic hairstyles in 2019 – see beautiful and seductive ways to get your hair on the photo in 2019.

Opt for fashionable women’s styling to help you create your style, then either go to the hairdresser with photos or learn a step-by-step master class. By the way, sometimes even a photo can help styling your hair – think of how the hair is wrapped around the model and experiment with a unique and, above all, a modern image that will beautify you and bring you a climax.

Some recommendations

Before choosing this or that haircut, be sure to discuss with the master how it will fall on your hair. It’s clear that on a model or a Hollywood star, every styling looks good, but you should always remember that you have to pack what a few stylists do in the case of a Hollywood star.

If you like short hair, you’re immediately used to touching his hair with his hands – it pampers the hair and gives it a sloppy look.

Even if you like a casual style, get a bandana or a headband at home – so you can remove your hair from your face when you put on masks or make-up.

And the last – remember that there are no limitations to true beauty – neither age nor style. No matter what age is in your passport, it’s just numbers – and if so, why not paint your ultra-short haircut in room shades?

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Die besten Optionen für kurze Frisuren für Frauen


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