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The perfect pony

The perfect pony
The perfect pony

1 / Start by dividing your hair into a deep side piece

2 / Pull a strand of hair up the crown and comb it back to create a volume

3 / Comb the top layer gently to make the hair look smooth

4 / Next, pull all your hair together into a ponytail

5 / Secure the ponytail with a rubber band

6 / Tighten the ponytail so that it gets up and sits just below the crown

7 / Pull the top of your hair loose from the ponytail to create volume

8 / Smooth all overflies with hairspray

9 / Curl the ends of yours with a curling iron

10 / Add a cute ribbon and you’re done!

So I wore my hair for the 4th of July and it was perfect in the summer heat. I had it off my neck and did not have to use too much heat to achieve the style. It was fun to wear it with a pretty red band and my blue striped shirt to show my holiday spirit for the summer festivals.



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