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The ultimate waterfall Braid

The ultimate waterfall BraidThe ultimate waterfall BraidThe ultimate waterfall Braid

1. Begin with a French braid over your right ear.

2. Start the waterfall section by pulling the left strand in the middle.

3. Then take hair from the top and pull it in the middle.

4. Next, take the strand on the right side and drop it.

5. Pick up a hairline that is just behind the strand you dropped.

6. Place this section in the middle part of the braid and continue this method towards the left side of the head.

7. As soon as you reach the left side, drop the hair strand as usual on the right side.

8. Then wind the left strand over the middle piece and place a hair clip over the strand and secure it in place.

If I lost you, here is a video that could help.

The ultimate waterfall Braid



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