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Tips for longer, healthier hair

Tips for longer, healthier hair

So you want long hair?

Psh, no, yes, yes.

1. Take Your Vitamins and Eat a Healthy Diet – Many people do not get the right vitamins and nutrients that their hair needs to become healthy and strong. A good supplement like hair, “skin and n> helps you to get the nutrients that you miss in your diet.

2. Go to the styling tools – The use of heat on your hair is very harmful. Try to straighten or dry your hair every day if possible. It may also be wise to spend a little extra money on high quality hair tools that will not harm your hair that much.

3. Make a monthly mask – or as many times as twice a week to give some food to your hair. Apply a leave-in conditioner after jumping out of the shower. Use heat protection sprays when using styling tools. Some good suggestions are Fekkai “damage sch haarmaske”, Matrix “sleek blow-down cream”, Pureology “fortifying heat spray>.

4. Get regular trims – I never understood why that was important until I saw that. Braid helps to get rid of hair, which split in the end. If you cut them off, you will keep your hair healthy and reduce the likelihood that you will have to cut off a lot more later.

5. Avoid bleaching your hair – If you dye your hair , a darker shade may be nourishing for your hair, but bleach will strip your hair of its color and weaken it. If you’re a blonde in your heart, go slowly over a few months to avoid too much breakage.

6. Go Naturally – The best way to have beautiful, healthy hair is to leave it alone. Avoid ironing your hair flat every day and changing the color from light to dark. Ever noticed that little girls always have silky, straight hair? They are too young to curl, dye, stretch, anything. That’s the kind of hair we want, right? Finally, it is also advisable to avoid too tight hairstyles that can easily knot.

Good luck!
I need it.

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