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Top knot with a bow

Top knot with a bow

A top knot with a bow, an ever-popular hairstyle. This is a great way to throw your hair for the upcoming holiday season. It’s simple and fancy, and it’s thrown together in minutes. I love it especially because you can roll yourself out of bed and put it together without taking your smoother out of the drawer, unraveling the string as you rub the drowsiness out of your eyes.

A top knot has been a rage with a squishy donut at the top lately. However, this is done by carefully wrapping the hair around the base of the ponytail and holding the edges in place. Teasing the hair, as shown in step 3, helps to increase the size of the bun without the need for a donut. A quick tip that can help you achieve this style a little easier is to tie the ribbon into a loop first and then push a hairpin through your back before pushing it slightly off-center into the bun. You do not have to worry about loosening or disrupting the bun, which can sometimes take a while to get it right.

Here are the official steps!
1 / Brush your hair back into a high ponytail

2 / Fix the hair with a metal-free rubber band and tighten.

3 / Back comb the ponytail to create lift and volume for the bun.

4 / Pull the hair forward and then carefully wrap it around the band and fix the edges.

5 / Smooth the sides and mist with a hint of hairspray.

6 / Check if the bun is centered and even around.

7 / Take a ribbon and wrap it around the bun, before binding a bow in the front.

8 / Now you are ready for all holiday parties!


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