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Triple ponytail

Triple ponytail
This triple ponytail is a fun spin on the typical pony. I recently discovered Blake Lively at a similar hairstyle event and wanted to try it. It was not exactly the same, but I took her style and adapted it to my own. This is a fun three-pony ponytail that looks like a mohawk. It looks like a regular old ponytail from the front, but once you turn your head, it’s definitely a party in the back.

Here are the quick steps to complete the look:

1 / Start at the front of the ears, cut off the hair at the top of the crown.

2 / Smooth the front and secure this area with a transparent rubber band.

3 / Take a small strand from below, wrap it around the ribbon and fasten it with a small hairpin.

4 / Next, draw a line straight back from the top of the ear and repeat steps 2 and 3.

5 / Collect the remaining hair and repeat steps 2 and 3 again.

6 / Gently release the top of the hair to create a mohawk effect and finish with hair spray.



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