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Two Fishtail Braids

Two Fishtail Braids

During the summer months I like to pack my hot tools and I’m going without heat. Normally I can not pull it all the way through without using my curling iron at least once, but it’s such a big challenge and so healthy on the hair. Lately, I have thought of cute and simple styles that are great everyday and do not need heat. Two braids are a classic style that has always existed. Today, I’m changing your basic fishtail braid to give the look a more modern touch. Two Fishtail Braids

Step 1 / Start by dividing the hair in the middle of the back of the head. I wanted it to look casual and effortless, so I did not take care of a comb and just freehand the part with my fingers. Two Fishtail Braids

Step 2 / Take a section and divide it into two smaller sections. Create a fishtail braid by taking small pieces from the outer edges and crossing them to the opposite side. Two Fishtail Braids

Step 3 / Braid the section to the bottom and attach the ends with an elastic band to prevent the braid from dissolving. Two Fishtail Braids

Step 4 / Start at the bottom of the braid, gently pulling on the edges so that they slowly slide out of the elastic band. Work your braid and pull the braid apart so that it is wider and looser. Two Fishtail Braids

Step 5 / Repeat the previous steps with the section on the right. Two Fishtail Braids

Step 6 / Pull out any areas where you want to frame the face. I think this helps to change the atmosphere of the style, making it more wearable for anyone older than middle school age. Two Fishtail Braids

Step 7 / Set the style with hairspray and you are ready to go! Two Fishtail Braids

Two Fishtail Braids



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