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Two or Three Twists to Buns: Inspired by Nikki Reed

Two or Three Twists to Buns: Inspired by Nikki Reed
Two or Three Twists to Buns: Inspired by Nikki Reed

The first time I made this hairstyle, I got four turns, no problem. Then next time I did it with three spins and until I filmed it, I could only get two spins to work properly. They can just be slippery to pin me down, and I started getting frustrated, so I left it at two. My picture shows three turns, but the finished video shows two. I’m sure if you wanted to do six, you could easily. How many turns do you like most?

How’s your week going? Mine was a rough one. I’m just a little stressed about moving and situations with friends. My family is visiting this summer and I could not be more excited. They live across the pond and I can only see them once a year, if I’m lucky. It has always been like that, so I’m used to it by now. This always makes it much more exciting to see them.

I’m so scared of the summer. Every night I dream of lying by the pool and reading a good book. I just do not think that there is such a relaxing thing. Speaking of books, the Hunger Games movie is finally here. I remember in December how far away March seemed, and now we’re almost halfway there.

I’m excited to no longer wear pantyhose and nylons to work as soon as it’s warm enough. Did you hear the song “We are Young” by Fun? It is wonderful. The best drinking song, if I’ve ever heard one, when I was a big drinker. My brain immediately changes thoughts. So I better go, otherwise I’ll be here all day.

Random fact:

I changed radio stations several times while driving to see that it was not even turned on. Shows that even my own thoughts are annoying me and I try to change the station.



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