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Vitamins for hair loss in diet and masks.

Vitamine für Haarausfall in Ernährung und Masken.

Beautiful shiny hair is not only a gem for a woman, but also a testimony to her health! Unfortunately, we pay too little attention to the health and beauty of our hair.

Most of the time we limit ourselves to beautiful styling, curly curls or even worse – simple hair washing. But that is not complete care! Our hair requires careful care with vitamin and mineral makeup, which must start at a young age. Because all “failings” in childhood can unfortunately manifest themselves at a later age.

Vitamine für Haarausfall in Ernährung und Masken.

To create the right care line for your hair, you must first determine its type. So, today, doctors trichologists distinguish several types of hair:

• Dry.
• Fat.
• Normal.
• mixed hair type.

Vitamine für Haarausfall in Ernährung und Masken.

Dry hair is fragile and brittle, dull and often split at the tips. Care for this type of hair should be done in several directions! First, avoid all kinds of irritants and procedures to cause hair drying – coloring, especially in bright colors. Waving and drying the hair with hot air, etc. Second, dry and weak hair should be cared for as well as possible.

For these purposes, it is not necessary to buy expensive medicines in pharmacies and perfumeries, we can take the whole vitamin complex that is necessary for our hair from our mother nature!

Greasy hair may be one of the most problematic hair types, as it is very problematic to keep them in a decent shape, especially when it comes to long hair. This type of hair looks the second, third day after washing as if it had not been washed for a month!

The problem of such strands is the following reason – excessive secretion of the scalp sebaceous glands or oily seborrhoea – a skin condition requiring immediate medical attention! Otherwise, the disease can lead to “seborrheic alopecia”.

Care for such hair is also carried out in two directions:

• Treatment of the disease.
• Proper care and vitamin nutrition.

The normal hair type is the most desirable hair type for all the beautiful sex. Such hair looks good, does not need to be washed frequently and requires only prophylactic care.

Vitamine für Haarausfall in Ernährung und Masken.

Mixed hair type – oily at the roots and dry at the tips. This is the most common type of hair, this type of hair is observed in 5 out of 10 respondents.

The care of such curls is also carried out in several directions:

• Elimination of excess fat.
• Treatment of dry, split ends.
• Vitamin replenishment.

As you can see, every type of hair requires its own care approach, but taking care of vitamins is the same for everyone!

The most beneficial vitamins for hair care and growth

• Vitamin A.
• Group B vitamins.
• Vitamin C.
• Vitamin E.
• vitamins PP.
• protein.
• Magnesium.
• zinc.
• Calcium.

Vitamins of group A (retinol)

Vitamin A – the most important function of this vitamin is to slow down the aging and destruction of cells. Without it, our bodies, especially our hair and nails, lose their appearance. They become fragile, drained and lifeless.

Vitamine für Haarausfall in Ernährung und Masken.

Vitamin A is great for hair growth, helps strengthen and restore. In addition, this vitamin restores the normal secretion of sebaceous glands, which is important! However, this vitamin should be very, very careful, as its excess in the body can lead to no less sad consequences.

Vitamin A is found in the following products:

• broccoli.
• carrots.
• Bulgarian peppers.
• pumpkin.
• Burdock (burdock) – oil, decoctions.
• Egg yolk.
• Pharmaceutical Vitamin.
• fish fat.

Masks with vitamin A content

Mask for hair growth and restoration with vitamin A:

• 100 g of burdock roots (burdock).
• 200 ml of pure olive oil.
• Any glassware – bowl, salad bowl or a plain deep dish.

Burdock roots pour olive oil and let it brew for 24 hours. After the mixture has been applied to the hair, hold for 2 hours. Wash your hair with shampoo.

Vitamine für Haarausfall in Ernährung und Masken.

Nutritious mask with vitamin A:

• 0.5 teaspoon. Pharmacy Vitamin A.
• 2 TBSP. l. Linseed oil.
• 1 teaspoon of Eleutherococcus.
• 1 egg yolk.

Mix well and apply to hair for one hour. Thoroughly rinse.

Vitamins of group B

It is these vitamins that moisturize our hair and prevent it from drying out. Make them elastic, strong and thick, promote hair growth, regulate the work of the sebaceous glands!

Included in the following products:

• honey.
• onions.
• garlic.
• cabbage.
• Nuts.
• Legumes.
• calf’s liver.
• carrots.
• Burdock.

Masks with vitamin B content

Composition 1:

• 1 egg yolk.
• 1 TBSP. l. honey
• 2 cloves of garlic.

Mix all the ingredients and apply to the hair, rinse off in one hour.

Composition 2:

• An onion.
• A clove of garlic.
• 2 teaspoons. honey

Mix all components of the mask until they are smooth and applied to the hair. Hold for an hour and rinse your hair thoroughly.

Vitamine für Haarausfall in Ernährung und Masken.

Vitamins of group C

As you know, vitamin C is responsible for the normal metabolism in your body. And also for a good blood circulation, which also influences the condition of the hair. Prevents split ends.

Products containing the maximum amount of vitamin C:

• apples.
• Green.
• Sweet peppers.
• honey.
• Rosehip.
• Sea buckthorn berries.
• zucchini.
• citrus fruits.
• garlic.
• Pharmaceutical vitamins.
• olive oil.

Masks with vitamin C content

Nourishing hair mask with vitamin C:

• 2 TBSP. l. honey
• 1 TBSP. l. of olive oil.

Mix the entire mixture until it is smooth and applied to the hair. Mask for one hour. At the same time warm the hair and rinse well.

Vitamine für Haarausfall in Ernährung und Masken.

Vitamins of group E (toofenol)

Vitamin E – gives the hair shine, prevents its fragility and loss. It enriches the circulatory system with oxygen and thus ensures maximum hair nutrition.

Products containing vitamin E:

• onions.
• Burdock.
• sunflower oil.
• olive oil.
Castor oil.
• fish fat.
• walnut.
• broccoli.
• Greens – parsley, dill.
• sunflower seeds.
• Pharmaceutical vitamins.

In addition to feeding your hair with vitamin E, you need to bring it to your nutritional diet, as well as make useful masks containing this vitamin based on onion, burdock, olive and sunflower oil.

Vitamin PP (nicotinic acid)

According to studies, it is the vitamins of the PP group – prevent hair loss and premature gray hair.

Vitamine für Haarausfall in Ernährung und Masken.

Products containing vitamin PP:

• carrots.
• Turnips.
• onions.
• garlic.
• Turnip.
• Pasternak.
• pumpkin.
• zucchini.
• eggs.
• Milk.
• Cheese.
• chicken and pork.
• potatoes.
• Tomatoes.
• Grain.
• Camomile.
• nettle.
• Parsley.
• Dandelion.
• walnut shell.
• Pharmaceutical vitamins.

To provide your hair with vitamin PP, you can make hair masks from dairy products, masks with egg yolk, garlic and onions, as well as decoctions to flush out hair from chamomile, rosehip, nettle and dandelion.

For dark and brown hair you can use masks made of fresh walnut shells. First, they get a nice chocolate shade and shine, and second, they get all the necessary nutrients.

Such a procedure should be done in latex gloves as there is a high likelihood of staining the hands. Well, and do not forget the scalp! Also faces and necks should not be forgotten. To protect ears, forehead and neck from unwanted contact with this mixture, it is recommended to lubricate these areas with cream or to close the plastic bag tightly!

You can also make the next mask of dandelions. It will rid your hair of excess fat and give it a nice and shiny look.

Vitamin PP masks

Vitamine für Haarausfall in Ernährung und Masken.

Recipe 1:

• Fresh dandelion leaves.
• Mint leaves.
• Rowan.

All ingredients are blended in a blender to a pulp and applied to the hair. Cover your head with a plastic scarf and hold it for an hour, then wash it well.

Attention !!! This mask is not suitable for bright and dyed blond hair, as it can give a greenish tint!

Recipe 2:

• 25 g onion skins.
• 5 grains of crushed cloves.
• 200 ml of alcohol.
• 3 teaspoons castor oil.

All ingredients are mixed and poured into a tight-fitting glass bowl. Insist on a dark place for two weeks. This lotion is applied for a few hours before washing the head and rubbed into the hair roots with massage movements.

After a month of regular use you will be simply surprised – your hair will be silky and elastic, stop falling out, the split ends will disappear. Increase the hair growth!

There is also an “elixir of life” for your hair, which brings it back to its first use!


• 2 TBSP. l. Lanolin (pharmacy or cosmetics store).
• 3 TBSP. l. Castor oil.
• ½ l. Coconut oil.
• 1 TBSP. l. cooked pork fat.
• ½ cup of water.
• 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar.
• 1 teaspoon of glycerin.
• 1 teaspoon of shampoo
• 1 egg.

Vitamine für Haarausfall in Ernährung und Masken.


Melt the lanolin and oil in the dishes on the steam bath. Pour hot water into the contents of the bowl and stir continuously until completely dissolved to obtain a homogeneous mass. Apply two tablespoons of cream on dry hair and keep warm for 40 minutes, then wash thoroughly.

This cream moisturizes the hair, makes it thick and elastic, gives color and shine. After using this cream you can handle even the most difficult styling of your life, because the hair will obediently follow in the right direction and lie ideally!

Protein, Magnesium, Zinc and Calcium – all these trace elements are an excellent building material for our hair, without them having almost no chance for a long and beautiful existence.

The maximum content of these useful trace elements can be found in the following products:

• Egg yolk.
• gelatin.
• Nuts.
• onions.
• garlic.
• honey.
• Burdock.
• Mustard.
• pumpkin.
• apples.
• Spinach.
• Pork meat.
• veal.
• chicken.
• Grain.
• apples.
• Pharmaceutical vitamins.

Some of the listed products can be used as homemade hair masks – eggs, gelatin, onions, garlic, mustard, honey, burdock, pharmacy vitamins. And some only through direct consumption.

Vitamine für Haarausfall in Ernährung und Masken.

As we can see, in addition to masks and decoctions for the beauty of our hair is also necessary and proper nutrition. After all, in the products are all the most useful vitamins and trace elements – vegetables and fruits. And the purchase of expensive masks and cosmetics in pharmacies and specialty stores is perhaps only the cost and unwillingness to take care of themselves in accessible, albeit time-consuming ways!

Dear ladies, be beautiful and happy – everything is in your hands!

Vitamins for hair loss

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Vitamine für Haarausfall in Ernährung und Masken.


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