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Wedding hairstyle. 100 photos on long and short hair.

Hochzeitsfrisur. 100 Fotos auf langen und kurzen Haaren.

Wedding hairstyle. 100 photos on long and short hair.

Wedding hairstyles an incredible amount. But many girls, especially for this solemn day, try to grow hair, though short haircuts suit them best. No need to think that only long hairstyle is beautiful. It can be done on hair of any length. The most important thing is that it matches the image of the bride, her characters and style and feels good.

Today we will continue to talk about beautiful wedding hairstyles for brides. In this issue of our women’s magazine, we will introduce you to a large collection of photos of luxurious haircuts and styling for the wedding.

Hairstyles for short hair.

No need to worry that with short hair, only a few hairstyles are available for such a day. Much can be done on the hair of this length. You can refresh the color before the wedding and make a modern haircut. Then lay the waves in retro style. Curling irons lend volume to short hairs on the back of the head and on the crown. The front part does not scroll. In addition, such hairstyles come into fashion. The hair should be smoothed to the side. Curls do not touch while they are warm. Then you should stroke your fingers with a little bit of wax, but do not comb it! And a little nagging ripples behind. A beautiful hairpin or tiara – and the serious and gentle image of the bride is ready.

For short hair used accessories and jewelry. Put on ribbons, feathers, crowns, brooches, clips, and all the things imaginable. An important prerequisite – all this splendor must necessarily be combined with the dress, the structure of the hair and the facial features. Very interesting solutions offer the use of tires. To wear it is fashionable for every picture: with crystals, with a mesh, with rhinestones, for every color and every taste.

A short veil or net is combined with short hair that is much longer and easier to attach. This veil looks great with a family brooch in retro style or with white flowers.

Hairstyles for hair of medium length.

This piece of hairstyle can be made from medium and long hair. Almost all options for wedding styling will suit you. The most popular hairstyles are loose hair with elegant styling. Weaving, retro styling, ribbons, flowers, pearls and rhinestones are all very interesting and elegant. The best decoration is fresh flowers in the tone with the bridal bouquet. On top of the head you have to make a bouffant and artificial strands will add extra volume.

Depending on the wedding picture, the length of the veil will be selected. A large, side-mounted flower sparkled the hairstyle perfectly. A festive and neatly braided circular braid, decorated with small flowers, creates an interesting and fresh look. Headbands, French braids, backs, fluffy strands – all these are simple and effective variations on wedding hairstyles. Very often it is impossible to cope with unruly curls. If you remove them in bundles, the hair becomes more elegant and the hair becomes safer.

Very effective hairstyle is obtained on curly hair. First you have to separate the hair on the crown part and the crown of the head. The back hair is divided into three equal parts. With the help of chewing gum you collect each tail into a triangle. The lower tail should be on the back of the head. Twist one of their tails into a bundle and lay around like a bump. Secure yourself with invisible beads and wrap the rest of your hair in a curling line with gentle waves. Do the same with loose hair from the rest of the tails. Turn one-third of the crown’s hair toward the braids. Also do with a third hair from the opposite side. Secure invisible, so that the strands can fall freely. Should get cone. Everyone must be decorated with pearls, rhinestones, pearls.

Hairstyles for long hair.

With long hair, every hairstyle is refined and unique. Especially popular Greek hairstyles. They can be done with pony and without it. First, you need to attach the central locks to the temporal locks with hairpins. After twisting the middle part of the ring and tying it to most of the hair, fold it into the middle of the head. Similarly, to do with the right and bulk, release the ends of the curls. Optional accessories are often used to create wedding hairstyles. For a hairstyle with a veil I am happy to separate the strands into 2 temporal and 1 occipital. Form a tail from the back of the head. To disassemble the strands in it, turn the steering wheels and fasten them with invisible ones. Curl the front strands on a large curling iron and weave in the total weight. Release a few thin strands and attach a veil.

Irresistible, the girl makes nifty details about her hairstyle. Long flowing curls with flowers to suit the bride’s side – a minimum of time and maximum impact. Types of wedding hairstyles a lot. The newlywed will be the most convincing and pick up his version.

Photos of fashionable wedding hairstyles.

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Hochzeitsfrisur. 100 Fotos auf langen und kurzen Haaren.


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